Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review:Homewrecker-Circle Of Death


Two years ago when their debut LP Worms And Dirt dropped, Ohio band Homewrecker proved themselves to be one of the heaviest and most devastating bands around, with a blistering combination of holy terror influenced metallic hardcore and powerviolence that had a penchant for immediate impact. It proved to be an insanely potent combination of sounds, and Worms And Dirt received quite a bit of much deserved praise as well as quite a bit of rotation for me personally, and it ended up being one of my most listened to records in 2012.Now in 2014 the band has returned with Circle Of Death, their second LP and first recordings with their new/slightly retooled lineup.

The crushing metallic force that made the band so appealing in the first place is front and center in Circle Of Death, an album filled to the brim with pure destruction and rage. From the opening intro "Forced Under" to the minute of feedback that closes the record, the band lays waste to virtually everything in their path, sharing vocal duties while playing a vicious brand of metallic hardcore that takes equal ques from thrash titans like Slayer as well as the old school death metal sounds of bands such as Bolt Thrower or Obituary, and finally a mixture of hardcore sounds that remind of Integrity's most seminal albums as well as the newer mixture of powerviolence and straight up hardcore that bands such as Weekend Nachos have perfected. This combination of sounds makes for one of the most intense albums of the year in terms of sheer force and weight, one that's also packed with plenty of memorable moments. Much like Worms And Dirt before it, Homewrecker have once again released one of the most engaging metallic hardcore records in 2014, and a most listen for any fan of the genre.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rebel Scum - Gradually, Everything is Rotting

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Inheritance
2. Heavy Heart
3. Inflated Ego
4. Erase Me
5. Gang Culture
6. Absolutes Only Matter to Others
7. Nameless
8. Trash Built High Will Soon Topple Over

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cease- Humanity

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Anchor
2. Refuse
3. Humanity
4. Nothing

New Vision- Demo

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Where it Ends
2. Intro/Nothing's Changed
3. Eye to Eye
4. Against the Grain
5. The Deal

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dilate- Demo 2014

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Unyielding Wrath
2. Trenches
3. Ancient Master
4. Human Cost

Featuring members of Seasick, Razorheads, Ugly Parts, and Bible Thumper.

Ritual- Nascentes Morimur

Year: 2014
1. Imprisoned
2. Blind
3. Despair
4. Bálferð Baldrs/Cycle Of Control
5. Nail
6. Flesh And Blood

Rad new band from Springfield, MO. FFO Disembodied, Culture, and Harvest.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shine-self titled EP



1.I'm Good
2.Golden Heart
5.Out There

Get It Now

Shine are a new band from Miami, Florida that can best be placed in the realm of 90's era alternative rock, arguably the golden era for band's of that particular sound. This self titled EP marks the band's first recordings and it's an incredibly impressive introduction indeed. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Sebadoh, Smashing Pumpkins and Pity Sex.

Pain Tolerance- Atlanta Straight Edge

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Say Goodbye
2. Convince Yourself

2 songs off the bands forthcoming EP.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review:The Coltranes-Cat Of Nine Tails


California punk/hardcore/noise stalwarts The Coltranes have been quite prolific since their inception in late 2009. Along the way, they have evolved into a truely menacing force within the punk scene, playing volatile and energetic live sets that turn the heads of anyone who see's them. I was lucky enough to witness the band in Tampa, Florida earlier this year when they jumped on a local show happening in the area while they were on tour, and after their live show I made it a point to seek out all of their material. Cat Of Nine Tails is the band's latest 4 song EP, and continues down their own unique path of destruction that's also coupled with the best recording of the band to date.

For those unfamiliar, The Coltranes play a very noise rock influenced form of hardcore punk that also happen to be built around some incredibly catchy guitarwork as well. Their sound recalls bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans and Unsane while still adding their own unpredictable and unique spin on things. Cat Of  Nine Tails rips from from start to finish, and the recording is the best I've heard from any of the bands many releases to date, one that perfectly captures the raw intensity and energy of the band but still with an excellent level of clarity. These recordings also show the band in a more aggressive and intense form than ever before, matching the impressive feeling I got when I saw the band live earlier this year. It's a record that will hopefully turn more people onto the band, and I recommend anyone who is into uncompromising punk music checks this band out immediately. You can download most of their earlier material from their bandcamp ,and preorders for the physical version can be found below via SPHC records.

Preorder "Cat Of Nine Tails" via SPHC Records

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mizery- Survive The Vibe

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Burn
2. Forced Rebirth
3. Casualty Of Love
4. Survive The Vibe
5. Injustice 4 All
6. Last Wishes

Friday, November 14, 2014

Six Brew Bantha- Intravenously Commodified

Year: 2014
1. The Architect
2. Mass Surveillance
3. Intravenously Commodified
4. Shadow Banking
5. Anti-Music Part 2
6. Perception Asleep
7. Belligerent Apathy
8. Development
9. Trampled to Death
Download provided by the band. LP coming soon through To Live A Lie Records and SPHC Records, copies are now available through Dead Heroes Records.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Suicide Pact Music-Demo Cassette



4.Fatal Vein
6.Crutch (Crossed Out cover)

Suicide Pact Music are a new hardcore punk band from Broward, Florida who play raw powerviolence heavily influenced by bands such as Crossed Out, Infest and No Comment. There is even a killer Crossed Out cover that closes this out. Highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned bands.

Grudgeholder-I Got My Own Back



2.Hell In A Cell
3.I Got My Own Back
5.Face Everything And Rise

Grudgeholder are a new metallic hardcore band from Daytona, Florida featuring former members of many notable south florida bands including Dancefloor Tragedy,Meantime, We're Not Dead as well as current members of Bad Luck. These 5 songs remind me heavily of 90's era heavy hardcore in the best way possible,and come highly recommended for fans of bands such as 100 Demons, Death Threat and Until The End.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thou- Through the Empires of Eternal Void

Year: 2009
Quality: 320kbps
1. Into The Void
2. Sweet Leaf
3. Lord Of This World
4. Black Sabbath
For those of you who dig Black Sabbath covers, this is the four song EP for you.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Overlooked 2014 Releases You NEED To Check Out: Part 2

As promised, here's part two of the three part "Overlooked 2014 releases" series to close out the year.

With so many new albums being released in 2014 it's very easy to overlook great albums without even realizing it. To help change that, we will be closing out 2014 with a three part series (one per month) in which we'll be creating a list of 2014 releases we feel are extremely overlooked while being extremely enjoyable. Whether you feel these releases are overlooked or not is beside the point, main post of this series is for awesome releases to get checked out. Part One can be found here.

Left Astray "Don't Look At Me"
Released digitally in August of this year, "Don't Look At Me" continues the trend of Southern California's Left Astray putting out some of my favorite Hardcore music from the area. Personally feel this band is getting leaps and bounds better each release, but you can be the judge of that. "Don't Look At Me" will be seeing a proper vinyl release through Black Circle Press extremely soon.

Facebook // Bandcamp

Kringe "Demo 2014"
Awesome new band hailing from Minneapolis, best way to describe it "pogo-y" punk you would normally find out of NYC ala Hank Wood & The Hammerheads. Highly encouraged to check out.


Vein "Self Titled"
One of the biggest surprises of 2014 thus far has been Vein's self titled EP. Absolutely phenomenal band from Western Massachusetts in vein (no pun intended) of Converge, Botch, and The Dillinger Escape Plan (with some Graf Orlock, in my opinion). Will be shocked if this band isn't huge by next year.

Facebook // Bandcamp

Keeper "MMXIV"
Another big surprise coming out of California. CVLT Nation said it best "MMXIV, their first record, is so unrelentingly heavy it borders on the inexplicable. The band has taken a number of obvious cues for their chose sonic craft. Of course bands like Burning Witch, Grief, Noothgrush and Moloch can all be heard here in spades, their influences weave themselves in and out of each slow, misery-sodden riff and wretched, throat-gnawing vocal." 

Facebook // Bandcamp

Afraid Of Life "Demo"
Texas is extremely known for pumping out its share of great Hardcore bands, so to see another new band added to the list is always a good sight. Afraid Of Life play Hardcore in vein of Chokehold, One King Down, and Snapcase. You may try and write them off due to "everyone and their mother playing in vein of 90's Hardcore/Metalcore right now" but I strongly suggest checking this release out. Two songs total and are an extremely great start for this new band. Very excited to see what 2015 and beyond holds for them.

The third and final installment of this series is slated to hit the site sometime in December (likely sometime between the 1st and 12th, don't hold me to that though). Keep an eye out and make sure to support the bands listed in these.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Choke Chain- Demo

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Hell Is Other People
2. Ouroboros
3. Brother's Keeper
4. Innocence Defense feat. Mcbuttz
5. Parasite

The Crew- Demo

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. The Line
2. Your Loss
3. Won't Stand By
4. Here to Stay
5. F.I.R.E.


Blindside USA- Demo

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro/Do You?
2. Mindrot 
3. Sick Ways
4. Drag
5. Your Disease

Kansas City Hardcore. Features members of Spine, Kicked In, and more.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cold Rain-Demo 2014


1.The Line Is Drawn
4.Losing Control

Cold Rain are a new crusty hardcore/powerviolence band from South Florida. Highly recommended for fans of Left For Dead, Out Cold and Tear It Up.

Review: Full Of Hell-Full Of Hell/Merzbow


In the roughly year and a half since Full Of Hell released their second full length, 2013's excellent Rudiments Of Mutilation, and the band has certainly been busy:consistently touring all over the world,turning heads with their notoriously vicious live presence and building into a name now instantly recognized by a wide spectrum of extreme music fans from all sides of the fence. The band's lethal combination of raging powerviolence, grindcore, blackened death metal and harsh noise has been honed and sharpened to perfection as they have developed as a band, and they've emerged with a sound that can truely be claimed as wholly their own and one that makes them stand out among their like minded peers. Rudiments saw a massive amount of growth for the band 2011's Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, and there is a similar growth in Full Of Hell/Merzbow, their third LP which proves to be their most ambitious and sonically devastating release to date.

As the title would suggest, Full Of Hell's new full length is also a collaboration record with the legendary and ridiculously prolific Japanese noise artist Merzbow. With a staggering amount of material and years of dedication to his craft, Merzbow is one of the most widely renowned and well known purveyors of noise, and his penchant for the genre paired with the band's  is a perfect match. Musically, the band is as heavy and volatile as ever, blasting out harrowing bursts of grind/powerviolence and occasionally slowing the pace to a slow and sludge ridden crawl, while vocally layering their assault with a mix of black and death metal esque vocals that coalesce into one of the most menacing and evil sounds I've ever heard a band of any genre achieve. Along with the faster more grindcore driven material, it's a real treat whenever the band decides to really slow things down, especially on "High Fells", a true standout on the album that brings to mind the crushing force of classic earlier Neurosis material such as Through Silver In Blood and Times Of Grace. The track shows the band continuing to evolve and reach into other extreme genres, leaving their own unique mark on them as they carry through. Another break in the pace comes earlier in the album in the midpoint track "Thrum In The Deep" which opens with a decidedly 90's era angular hardcore riff that brings to mind flashbacks of the hardcore punk fury the band displayed on their 2011 debut Roots Of Earth.

It's also important to note that the Full Of Hell/Merzbow collaboration is the band's first release for Profound Lore Records, and that the compact disc version of the record that comes out this November will come with a bonus disc "Sister Fawn" that is essentially a flip in the amount of contribution from each artist. While the main album is essentially a Full Of Hell record written around Merzbow's contribution, Sister Fawn is the opposite, with the band lending their talents to 5 songs crafted by the  Japanese noise legend himself. It's easily some of the most engaging Merzbow material I've heard in years, and something all fans of harsh noise will certainly want to hear as soon as possible. The two albums work very well together in succession, and are a clear indicator that Full Of Hell have come ever closer to fully envisioning the bleak sounds they first started crafting in their inception of a band. In fact, it's very rare to see a band evolve and progress this far in such a short amount of time. Full Of Hell/Merzbow is simply the band's heaviest, harshest and best written material to date, and by far one of the best extreme music albums of any genre to drop this year. It's an album that will continue to turn even more heads as extreme music fans from all corners will be able to appreciate the madness that is unfolding here. Another high watermark for one of extreme music's best current bands.

Preorder "Full Of Hell/Merzbow" via Profound Lore Records
Stream "Gordian Knot" and "Blue Litmus" via bandcamp