Friday, September 28, 2012

Mindset- Leave No Doubt (PROMO)

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Leave No Doubt
2. Thrive
3. Enough 
Leave No Doubt is available digitally on October 7th and preorders launch for physical copies on October 17th.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Deer Leap- Here. Home.

Year: 2012
Quality: 192kbps
1. Here
2. Not Penny's Boat
3. Walls Became The World All Around
4. Home
5. What Is Dead May Never Die
6. We're All Liars Here
7. And Every One Of Us Better Than You
8. (Take Time)
9. The White Lodge

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dead Gods- A Prayer For Hell

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Fallout
2. i.v
3. Baptized In Lies
4. Jesus Loved Me All Night
5. Forever Down
6. 10:48
7. Zero
8. vi.v
9. Wormtongue
10. On My Way
11. viii.v

Sunday, September 23, 2012



Wow, chalk this up as my favorite local release from my neck of the woods this year. Devalued are a hardcore band from Miami, Florida who play a ridiculous blend of styles that can have them switching from a breakneck blast of powerviolence into a crusty d-beat section, only to have them arrive at a crushing southern style sludge section that would make bands like Eyehategod and Weedeater proud. These 10 songs are straight up ragers from front to back, and it is apparent that the band isn't concerned with sticking to a particular style at all times, which is not a problem when they are nailing every single sound they come upon. The recording is a highlight as well, loud and polished while still retaining the raw vibe befitting of the music. Although the band clearly takes their craft seriously, it's nice to see a tongue in cheek sense of humor pop in on tracks such as "Mandark" a heavy instrumental jam that contains an entertaining clip of the iconic character's (if you are an old school nerd like me at least and grew up watching the cartoon network show Dexter's Laboratory) incredibly annoying/hilarious laugh. Moreover then that, the straight energy, passion and viciousness that seeps through these songs shows a band that is obviously more then ready to turn heads. Fans of dark and heavy metallic hardcore would be doing themselves a huge favor by proceeding to the bandcamp link below where you can stream the entire album/download the songs for 5 bucks if you please. You can also check the link below to purchase the tape from also local Florida upstart Arctic Night Records, and I would recommend that fully as the tape does come with a download code as well!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Death Sentence- Suffer

Year: 2012 
Quality: 320kbps 
1. Trapped 
2. Ailment 
3. Liberation 
4. Suffer 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apart- Love Is Not Enough

Year: 2012 
Quality: 320kbps 
1. Worth Remembering 
2. Suffer In Rhythm

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Media Blitz- Burn The World

Year: 2012 
Quality: 192kbps 
1. Burn The World 
2. Leaving The Nest 
3. Back To The Bottom 
4. God Left You Behind 
5. Hold Us Back 
6. Limb From Limb 
7. Uniform Graves 
8. The Losing Race 
9. Washed Away 
10. Your Last Mistake 
11. A Void 
12. Thanks For Nothing 

100 Best Of 2012 (#62-#100)

Since the description writing process was taking WAY longer than I originally thought (sorry it's tough to write semi-different descriptions for every band), I decided to wrap up the 100 list by just providing links for the bands. If you don't like it, you can deal with it. Again, these are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER and I am well aware that it is September.

Direwolves- Me From Myself, To Banish

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Growing Defeat
2. Dialogue Of No Light
3. Reach This Hand
4. Diving And Struggling
5. Me From Myself, To Banish
6. Relief

Doomsday 2 Lineup Announced

NOV 9 - MEDUSA - ALL AGES - 6PM - $10

- WEEKEND NACHOS ( Chicago, )

- ENABLER (Southern Lord Records, Wi )

- LIKE RATS (Chicago, A389 records, members of Weekend Nachos )


- SHUT IN (Wi)

- FUCKER SS (members of Condominium & Cog Dis)


NOV 10 - MEDUSA - ALL AGES - $10 - 6PM

- HARM'S WAY (Chicago, easily one of the heaviest band playing right now.

- TENEMENT (Wisconsin / )

- CULO (Chicago, on Deranged Records )

- WITHDRAWAL (Canada, A389 records )

- THIEVES (Back by popular demand, Chicago's THIEVES stole the show last year )

- WILD CHILD (Deranged Records

Monday, September 17, 2012

Intent- No Rules Demo

Year: 2012
Quality: VBR
1. My Point of View
2. Set It Straight
3. Friendship
Features ex and current members of Mob Mentality, Free Spirit, and Rival Mob. Band has no website at the time, to contact hit up:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mere Phantoms-Self Titled EP

1.Prophet Motive
2.Profit Motive
3.Mere Phantoms
4.Mirror Phantoms

From the band: "Three piece grime from various locations in Pennsylvania. Dedicated to ideas of change, practical revolution, support, sustainability, equality, the deconstruction of our consumerist culture, loud amps and the blast beat. Our debut ep comes with a zine that supplements the lyrical content. It has essays on issues such as consumerist culture, unsustainable environmental practices, religious zealots, and humanities disconnect from each other and their surroundings. Musically, our influences include Converge, Iron Lung, Pg.99, Deadguy, Sonic youth and My Bloody Valentine. Thank you for listening. Reach out to one another. We are Mere Phantoms."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventures- Self Titled EP

Year: 2012
Quality: 160kbps
1. I Feel So Sure
2. Walking
3. Like Seed
4. Reach Out To You


1.Cosmic Doom
2.Breaker Of Faith
3.Black Vans
4.Meat And Bone (ft. Peter Kowalsky)

Ironside are an up and coming band from Miami, Florida who play a crushing combination of heavy hardcore and decidedly old school florida death metal. It was a potent combination on their previous demo and these 4 songs are a huge step up. Highly recommended.


In the world of music, this has to be some of the worst news I have heard in a while. Aaron Turner's (Isis frontman, Old Man Gloom) label, Hydra Head Industries has announced they will be closing their doors once and for all. Growing up in the punk, hardcore and metal community you tend to see a lot of great bands and artists perfecting and interpreting their version of that genre. Hydra Head showcased amazing artists that went above and beyond that. They released some of the best and most influential records that proved that you can do so much more with those styles if you had the will to take risks and explore the unknown.

I have been in quite a few music projects over the years and run a small label. All to which is heavily in debt to Aaron and the crew at Hydra Head. If it wasn't for them and their hard work mapping out other dimensions of what you can do in heavy music, I can say without a doubt. My music, my operation and even my artwork would have been far less interesting and "safe". Or not have been created at all.

Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. For always "changing things on the way up."

-Andrew Gomez IV

Aaron Turner's official announcement via Hydra Head's blog.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review:Bone Dance-Self Titled LP


Bone Dance has already been making quite a name for themselves thanks to their brand of dark and technical metalcore that brings to mind the glory days of when genre greats such as Botch and Coalesce were actively touring/laying waste to the nation. The 10 tracks on this LP are by far the band's finest moment to date, as it has them honing their furious assault to perfection. From the opening lyric "It's your turn to become nothing" vocalist Morgan Mechling's commanding low end growl is the perfect companion to the chaotic and technical guitarwork, and an outstanding recording ensures that these songs sound as menacing and massive as they undoubtfully do live. Midway through the record the band throws in a curveball in the form of "White Guilt", one of the few slow burners that starts off with an excellent atmospheric intro that serves as one of the albums finest moments.It's a standout moment in an album filled with them, with each of the songs containing no shortage of memorable moments. By the time the closing track "Feral" ends on one of the albums heaviest sections, you will find yourself fully ensnared and ready to hit the repeat button. It's rare that a band can make a subgenre known for having many imitators and few trendsetters come through a sound that is both passionate, organic and wholly sincere.

And such is one of Bone Dance's highest regards, for while they take clear influence from many of the now arguably classic predecessors mentioned above, these songs prove they still have the songwriting chops and the undeniable passion to make their own mark on the extreme music world, rather then be known as another band recalling the "glory days" of chaotic hardcore/metal, when the sound was still something very unique and fresh and there was the undeniable thrill of exploring what was at the time mostly uncharted territory. Bone Dance's new LP sets the bar high for all newer bands playing chaotic metal/hardcore and is one of the must hear metal albums of the year, period.

Florida Rules Compilation 2012 STREAM/FREE DOWNLOAD


Once again Significant Records has released a digital compilation of up and coming bands from the Florida area. A staggering 45 tracks this time around cover the entire spectrum of the Florida punk and hardcore scene and feature plenty of awesome up and coming bands, truely something for everyone. Anyone who is interested in the Florida hardcore scene or thinks lightly of the scene around the area would be wise to check this compilation out, tons of great bands to check out. You can stream the entire thing plus download it if you please via bandcamp now. Again, shout out to Tom Significant for putting another one of these awesome comps together!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#51-#61)

Only got around to doing ten write ups tonight, but that's aside from the point. We have unlimited posting on this, so why not make use of it. Here is #51-#61 on my personal list of "best bands" of 2012 thus far. Remember these are alphabetical.

51. Ill Intent: Another gem from the good ole Northwest. After going through a few singers, I feel Ill Intent have finally found their perfect fit with Jake fronting the band. No yourself a huge favor and buy a copy of their newest EP "No Masters", you will not be disappointed. FACEBOOK.

52. La Bella: Unfortunately La Bella have reached the end of their road for the time being as a main member of the band is moving to Portland to pursue an amazing career goal. But that doesn't take away from how awesome their EP entitled "Recomposition". FACEBOOK.

53. Lack Of Interest: 12 years later and Lack Of Interest is still pumping out better tunes than your band. Lack Of Interest released a brand new split with Chicago playboys Weekend Nachos earlier this year and LOI stapled yet again that they will forever be one of the kings of Southern California. FACEBOOK.

54. Like Rats: Gonna take a moment to steal the "MOTHER OF GOD" line from Supertroopers. Really do not know where to start with this band. Hailing from Chicago, Like Rats brings forth a style of hardcore which could only be described as Celtic Frost, Godflesh, and a solid kick to the balls. WEBSITE.

55. Losing Skin: One of my personal favorite NWHC bands right now, Metallic Hardcore aka Slayer worship to the max. Losing Skin released a split with fellow NW heads Parasitic Skies and a brand new full length this year, and I honestly cannot wait for more new music. FACEBOOK.

56. Masakari: Dudes have laid it pretty low in the new release department, aside from releasing an awesome split with Grin And Bear It for an awesome cause. Dudes have however been tearing it up on the road. FACEBOOK.

57. Media Blitz: Orange County does a handful things right, one of which is create awesome Crossover bands. Snotty vocals over fast music you can circle pit with your grandma to, what else could you ask? Guitar solo's you say? Eddie is your hook up for that. FACEBOOK.

58. Mindset: This assumption is coming directly from only hearing two songs from the bands newest LP, but knowing how perfect the bands past material is there's not much else to expect but greatest from their newest effort. Really wish these dudes would tour California soon. FACEBOOK.

59. Modern Pain: Another gem from Texas. Dallas' MODERN PAIN threw down an incredible EP. Straight edge hardcore that's not over preachy and sounds similar to 86 Mentality, count me in.  FACEBOOK.

60. Motherboy: Another awesome local band. Sweet downtuned hardcore played by solid dudes. Think Stacey-Q, Left For Dead, and Hello Kitty had a baby. FACEBOOK.

61. No Class: Not really sure who hasn't heard No Class yet, their debut LP "Keine Klasse" which was released in 2010 was easily my favorite release of that year. This year the band has returned with their second full length entitled "Keine Klasse II" which was released through Deranged Records and to say the least they picked up exactly where they left off. One of the best punk bands in the Midwest in my opinion. BANDCAMP.

....Got lazy and decided to wrap up the rest of this in the next few days. Expect #62-Whatever tomorrow.

Review:Convul- سأكون رؤيتكم (I'll Be Seeing You)


One of the most gratifying things about music of all kinds is the sense of wonder and discovery it still holds. Finding new bands that move you is something that never loses excitement with age, and not many things are more satisfying then when a release you are excited for ends up not only meeting but far surpassing your expectations. Such is the case with Convul's (shortened from their former moniker Convulsions) debut LP. Their previous EP's as well as their excellent split with Black Kites had no trouble catching my attention with their melting pot of genres, from chaotic metallic hardcore to atmospheric/doom influenced metal and many things inbetween, but ever since I heard the first released song and opening track of the LP "Dream Walker" I had a feeling this was going to be something special, and it seems my feeling was dead on. These 6 tracks are fully meant to be taken as a whole listening experience, as they transition seamlessly into each other and were recorded in a live session at the outstanding Machines With Magnets studios, responsible for releases from many varying talents including Battles, Daughters and Verse among others. Speaking of the recording, it is an achievement in itself, with every instrument and vocal line sounding crystal clear all while maintaining a raw and organic quality lacking in many recordings. Through the roughly 35 minute journey the band flirts with ambitious new ground, from chaotic yet melodic bursts of the furious hardcore they became known for on earlier EP's to crushing slow sections that are both ridiculously catchy and heavy while also atmospheric, almost allowing for room to breathe between the more chaotic sections. The vocals sound especially great on this record and have a refreshing amount of variation, from screams somewhat comparable to genre greats Converge to gruff southern style singing. The two part "Monolith" (II and IV, respectively) songs that comprise the middle of the album are an incredible highlight, building upon a crushing and lengthy post metal/sludge section that is practically hypnotic and trance inducing. Second to last track "From My Sight" is a return to the faster, chaotic sound the band perfected on their earlier EP's, and sets the stage for the incredible closing track "Harp". This song is the ambitious closing track of an already lofty album, with almost as many twists and turns as all 5 of the songs that precede it.This 11 minute epic Begins with atmospheric and spacey guitar, and softly sung lines before the distortion/drums come in on a moment of the album that still gives me chills every time I hear it. It can't be overstated enough that this is a band that truely follows their own path and thinks outside the box I can't recall a time that I have heard such a mix of genres put together so seamlessly, pulling from many influences while at the same time fully it's own beast. This is one of those rare records that was crafted with lofty ambitions and manages to succeed fully with flying colors. Convul are a band NO fan of forward thinking hardcore/metal should overlook, I'll Be Seeing You is a masterpiece and one of the definitive highlights in an already stellar year, and a record that may very well end up being my favorite release of the year. An absolutely essential listen.

Friday, September 7, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#26-#50)

For those of you who haven't noticed yet, this entire list is in alphabetical order. PS I am fully aware it's September, doesn't mean I can't spend my time compiling lists of this nature. Sorry in advanced for how minimal some of the write ups are.

26. Dead Weight: In a sea of bands named “Dead Weight” there is only one Dead Weight that comes to mind, and that one is from good ole Washington. With their debut EP on the horizon, the band is ready to unleash their best tracks to date. I repeatedly say something is a bands "best work to date" but I genuinely mean it for Dead Weight. Support Dead Weight and NWHC. FACEBOOK.

27. Demonwomb: When I think about European hardcore, Austria isn't the first country to come to mind but mother of god is Demonwomb a force to be reckoned with. The bands new EP (soon to be released on Powertrip Records) is insane. Awesome crossover hardcore. FACEBOOK.

28. Desperate Living: Another local band post. Hailing from the Inland Empire, Desperate Living dropped one of my personal favorite demos of 2012 thus far. Melodic Hardcore done right. FACEBOOK.

29. Disapproval: El Monte's finest Disapproval have been getting a good amount of talk since their demo dropped, but this year the band gears up to release their much anticipated EP debut "El Monte Youth Authority". I was lucky enough to get a listen of the EP after the band wrapped up recording with Taylor Young, and all I can say right now is order this EP the second orders are available. FACEBOOK.

30. Discourse: Seems like there are more and more bands popping up in vein of Turmoil/Indecision, but few of those bands really go out of their way to distance themselves from the "pact". Discourse is one of the few acts that go out of their way to distance themselves from everyone else by pumping out some of the best "90's worship" hardcore around. FACEBOOK.

31. Disgrace: Most of you have more than likely already been exposed to the monster that is Disgrace, but this is for those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with the band. Easiest way for me to describe this band is to say Merauder and Bolt Thrower had a lovechild. The bands debut EP "Songs Of Suffering" was released by Closed Casket Activities this summer, and the band came right out of the gate swinging. 6 tracks blending Hardcore and Death Metal perfectly. FACEBOOK.

32. Divider: Divider was brought to my attention after the band released their EP entitled "Strange Lands", and I was instantly hooked. Bringing forth an outstanding blend of Chaotic and "Dark" hardcore, in which fans of Converge, Deadguy, and Botch will thoroughly enjoy. New York's best kept secret, even though they aren't very secret. FACEBOOK.

33. DNA: One of the biggest surprises of the year thus far. DNA (Destructive New Age) recently released their Self Titled EP through Triple B Records and it completely blew me away. Features members of Cruel Hand and Wake Up Call. BANDCAMP.

34. DNF: I first heard DNF sometime in 2007 and I was a fan ever since. After going on hiatus in 2008, I was extremely excited to hear the band was getting back together in 2011. This past year the band unleashed a brand new EP entitled "Hurt" and picked up exactly where they left off. One of the best grind/powerviolence releases thus far this year. BLOGSPOT.

35. Eddie Brock: Keepin' it short and fast, Eddie Brock is a three piece powerviolence band from Baltimore. Their newest EP "Brand New Day" was released on A389 Recordings (Yes, this is another A389 band on this list) and I've been listening to it nonstop since receiving it for review. 5 tracks coming in at just a little over 5 minutes total. Long live comic themed bands. FACEBOOK.

36. Empire Of Rats: Second A389 band in a row, but aside from the fact Ohio's EMPIRE OF RATS was one of the best surprises of 2011 and continued to gain my interest this year. After dropping an outstanding demo, Empire Of Rats went back into the studio to knock out a handful of brand new tracks. One of which (MMXII) ended up on our newest compilation and I was beyond excited with the outcome. Keep an eye out for the rest of the bands new material. FACEBOOK.

37. End Times: Texas doing what they do best, aka pump out INSANE bands that are heavily influenced by rad Thrash bands. I do my best to not say "do not sleep on this" but seriously do yourself a HUGE favor and check out End Times, Texas has something amazing going right now. FACEBOOK.

38. False Light: South Carolina has always seemed to pump out awesome bands, but I was pleasantly surprised with False Light. Awesome blend of Hardcore/Grindcore, uber gritty for you fist pumping fanboys. FACEBOOK.

39. Flex: Not to be confused with "The Flex" from the UK, Flex hails from sunny Southern California. Similar to bands along the likes of Set It Straight, Mouthpeice, and Final Fight, Flex is one of the coolest up and coming bands in SoCal right now. FACEBOOK.

40. Frustration: Heavy hitters from Ireland, Frustration were brought to my attention when I began to compose the first Casa de Diversion Europe compilation and I wish I was familiar with them sooner. The bands new LP "Dying Breed" was released this year via Purgatory Records and has slowly been catching my attention more and more. This band will definitely open more peoples eyes to the outstanding Hardcore scene in Dublin. FACEBOOK.

41. Full Of Hell: No introduction needed for these guys, if you've been following this site for any amount of time you have noticed my constant flood of FOH related post. For those of you new to this site, FOH is a pretty cool hardcore band, but Dave Bland is the only reason to listen to them on a regular basis. FACEBOOK.

42. Gay Kiss: Hailing from the hell known as Arizona, Gay Kiss is a force to be reckoned with. Was lucky enough to catch this band when they rolled through CA with Urban Struggles and they blew me away. Pretty hard to label a band as the "Best Punk band in America" but if I was told to name off current acts on that list Gay Kiss would be towards the top. FACEBOOK.

43. Gaza: Another case where most of you are probably well aware of a band on this list, but it's next to impossible for me to not include Gaza on the list for the best bands of 2012. The bands newest LP "No Absolutes In Human Suffering" was released this July and completely floored me. Punishing doesn't describe the newest LP well enough. FACEBOOK.

44. Ghostlimb: Ridiculously pissed band on Vitriol Records? What else is new? Ghostlimb has always been known for pumping out awesome tunes, but their newest LP "Confluence" opens a whole new chapter for the band. Always refreshing to see bands being able to blend music that feels a bit chaotic and out of control and making everything flow in a semi-melodic way. BANDCAMP.

45. Gypsy: Featuring members of Cold World, Mother Of Mercy and Stick Together, Gypsy released one of the best Emo/Punk records you will hear in 2012. Heavily influenced from bands along the likes of Jawbreaker, Knapsack, and Dinosaur Jr., the bands newest LP "Giant's Despair" embodies everything I personally love about those bands. Highly suggest checking this band out as soon as possible if you haven't yet. NO SITE/LISTEN HERE.

46. Harbinger: Another gem from Florida. I was sent Harbinger's debut release "Slumgullian" sometime in 2010, and it was pretty damn cool but the band had a good amount of ground to improve on. Come 2012 the band seemed to found their stride and surprised any and all expectations I had for their new material. "Opinion Nation" completely blew me out of the water. One of the best releases I've heard out of Florida in 2012 and I'm beyond excited for new material in the future. FACEBOOK.

47. Heartless: Heartless kept it relatively silent in the "new release" department, but they were more than active when it came to touring. "Hell is Other People" was one of my favorite full lengths of 2011, so I'm extremely excited to see how this band grows musically. Band was kind enough to submit an outstanding His Hero Is Gone cover for our first covers compilation. FACEBOOK.

48. Hexis: Amazing band based out of Denmark. Blending Black Metal and Hardcore, Hexis brings forth one of the gnarliest sounds around. Keep an eye out for new material. FACEBOOK.

49. Holy Night: The Second Cumming is finally upon us. Holy Night was kind enough to email in their debut release earlier this year and all I can say is I want more! Fans of Slices and Pissed Jeans will be huge on this. FACEBOOK.

50. Homewrecker: By far one of my favorite bands of 2012, Homewrecker came out of the gate swinging with the debut LP “Worms And Dirt”. Dudes have always been on my radar, but their new LP is on another level. More reverb. FACEBOOK.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm An Intestine-Split With Nailbiter

3.Mutt's Best Friend
7.No Soliciters
8.They Won't Stop

I'm An Intestine are a powerviolence band from Spring Hill, Florida. These 8 tracks are from a split they are releasing with Nailbiter, and it is by far the finest material this band has put out to date. Other then making extremely awesome tunes, these dudes are some of the funniest and nicest guys you will ever meet/party with. Fans of bands such as Infest, Lack Of Interest and No Comment need to take note of this immediately, and definitely donate a few bucks to the band via bandcamp if you like what you hear!

Spine- Subhuman (Review+Download)

To be honest, this is one of the first reviews I have done where I wasn’t sure I was going to like the band prior to hearing it. Wayne sent me the 7” link and asked me if I’d be into reviewing it, and because I like challenging myself to review things that I am not comfortable with, at least at first, I was happy to take it. I have to say I am glad that I did. Turns out Spine has members of both Weekend Nachos and Sorry Excuse so I have both friends and friends of friends in this band, but even beyond that, this 7” is absolutely killer. I have never been the type to look out for many new hardcore bands, I usually have my sights set on newer d-beat/crust bands but fuck am I glad that I heard this. Spine is by far the best new hardcore band out there.

 This 7” is basically over before it begins, begging you to give it another listen. The first thing that I have to comment on is the vocals, the vocals sound absolutely mean and intense, there are few bands I think that can capture the actual angry spirit of hardcore in vocals as well as Antonio.  

Musically, this 7” isn’t going to change how you look at hardcore, they are not trying to do anything outside the genre confines, but what they took on a genre oversaturated with mediocre bands and created one hell of a 7”. This isn’t going to be a record you listen to once and then never return to, it’s a record that I really think people are going to be into for a while. 

The middle bulk of the 7” is probably my favorite, 4 killer songs tracking in at just above 2 minutes combined. It’s fast, short and angry. Both the opening and closing songs, the record’s longest two songs, bring the pace down a bit and allow for a little bit more of that hardcore groove, creating a great pacing for the record: mid-tempo/fast/mid-tempo.

Basically the 7” is the perfect mixture of powerviolence and hardcore, think early Harm’s Way. Click below for a download of the record courtesy of the band, and go out and buy the 7”  via: Bad Teeth Recordings (John Caution’s new label)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

100 Best Of 2012 (#1-#25)

I recently decided to compile a list of 100 bands that I feel are the "best" of 2012, obviously my opinion will be different than yours so don't get too butthurt if your favorite band isn't on the list. I know these posts are usually made at the end of the year, but I decided to do this now. I will be posting 25 bands a day for the next four days. Sorry in advanced for how bad some of these write ups are, tried to keep em short but some are super short.

1. ACxDC: Gearing up to release their much anticipated split with Sex Prisoner and Magnum Force, ACxDC have unloaded 5 punishing tracks that may be their best work to date. Keep an eye out for the split on To Live A Lie Records, it’s well worth the wait. FACEBOOK.

2. Adventures: A little different from the normal stuff we post here on TBFH, but Adventures are an outstanding band. Mixing Indie/Punk/Emo to create an awesome blend that I genuinely enjoy. Features members of Code Orange Kids. FACEBOOK.

3. Ancient Shores: Old dudes (mainly Joel) pumping out amazing tunes to get your fist pump on to. Split with Cynarae is due out on A389 Records soon. FACEBOOK.

4. Another Mistake: Another Mistake have been pumping out awesome tunes for a few years now but seem to finally be getting the recognition they deserve. Splits with Overlooked and FocusedxMinds/Out Of Time feature some of the bands best work to date. FACEBOOK.

5. Apart: Band has been on constant rotation for a year or two now, but this year they have definitely hit their stride in full force. Their debut LP “Gray Light” hit the general public this past May and has been on constant rotation ever since. Check it out if you haven’t yet, seriously impressive release. FACEBOOK.

6. Aukerman: Figured I’d throw some great smaller locals into this list. Fast paced Pop Punk that doesn’t totally suck, who would have thought? Shout out to pop punk bands who don’t whine about ex-flings. FACEBOOK.

7. Beau Navire: Most of you are probably well aware of who Beau Navire is at this point and time, but for those unfamiliar I HIGHLY suggest giving them a listen. Awesome band pumping out some of the best Screamo around. FACEBOOK.

8. Birds In Row: Throatruiner Records has always caught my eye with consistently releasing amazing artist, but Birds In Row are in a field of their own. The bands two releases on Throatruiner completely blew me away, but their new record on Deathwish is another nail in the coffin for them being one of the best European bands.

9. Black And Blue: Midwest doing what they do best, aka pump out some of the best hardcore on the planet. Black and Blue released their second demo earlier this year and all I can really say is I want more ASAP. BANDCAMP.

10. Black Breath: You already know em and you already love em. Black Breath’s newest LP “Sentenced To Life” is crushing to say the least. 33 minutes of relentless fury. FACEBOOK.

11. Bone Dance: I had the pleasure of seeing this band February and their live set was outstanding to say the least. Their forthcoming self-titled LP embodies everything I love about this band and more. One of the best full lengths to be released in 2012. FACEBOOK.

12. Burn Your Life Down: I do my best to not use the term “Heavy” to describe a band, but it’s hard not to when it comes to Burn Your Life Down. Embodied everything I love about 90’s Metalcore (see xLife Sentencex Records and labels along those lines). Andy’s vocal style flows perfectly for the music being pushed forth. Do yourself a solid and check them out. FACEBOOK.

13. Children Of God: You’re going to see a reoccurring trend throughout this write-up of A389 bands being discussed. It’s legitimately tough for me not to focus most of my interest in that label when it’s constantly releasing amazing music. Children Of God is a perfect example of everything I love about A389 and taking it to another level. Was lucky enough to catch the band this past May and they blew me away, first time I’ve ever witness three members of a band playing drums at the same time. FACEBOOK.

14. Code Orange Kids: Four young lads pumping out enormous tunes. Really though, watching this band grow into what they are now has been amazing and I cannot wait for their full length to drop. Tracks off the bands split with Full Of Hell came out awesome, so I’m excited to see how huge they sound after recording with GodCity. FACEBOOK.

15. CodexRed: Straight edge band from Reno, where the face tats at? Solid dudes pumping out solid tunes. FACEBOOK.

16. Coke Bust: After being a band for 6+ years I’m beyond siked to see Coke Bust consistently touring and pumping out new tunes. Their brand new split with Vaccine features some of the bands best work to date. FACEBOOK.

17. Cold Hearted: If you’re still extremely close minded on the monster that is Florida Hardcore, then I highly suggest to open your mind and realize there is more to that state than a few horrible Victory bands. Recently signed to Life To Live Records, Cold Hearted brings forth an awesome Crossover vibe. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for their new EP. FACEBOOK.

18. Colony: Another one of the cases where “heavy” has to be used to describe something. Colony have always impressed me, but after having the pleasure of seeing them live two days in a row I can honestly say they’re one of the best bands in North America right now. Their brand new LP is going to turn a lot of heads, so keep an eye on Glory Kid Records. FACEBOOK.

19. Column Of Heaven: Probably the most surprising release of the year on my end. Featuring members of Endless Blockade, Column Of Heaven’s newest LP “Mission From God” features 11 tracks which are influenced by The Yorkshire Ripper. Highly suggested for Powerviolence/Punk fans. BANDCAMP.

20. Condition: One of the few D-Beat style bands I’ve paid attention to this year. Condition was brought to my attention from a friend who had the chance to check the demo out and I was floored after checking it out. Raw D-Beat in vein of Disclose. SOUNDCLOUD.

21. Confined: Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Confined dropped an outstanding four song demo. Although they aren’t playing the most original style around, it’s pretty damn clear they know what they’re doing. Highly suggest checking out their demo. FACEBOOK.

22. Confines: Featuring members of Blank Stare, Social Circkle, and Cut The Shit it’s pretty obvious what to expect. Confines unleash some of the best tunes around and in my opinion everyone should be listening to this band, way too good. BANDCAMP.

23. Convulsions: Convul have been on my radar since I first heard their demo, but in 2012 they fully found their sound. The bands new LP is by far the best material the band has done. Keep an eye out for Glory Kid to release it. FACEBOOK.

24. Creatures: Watching the progression of this band has been awesome. Their newest LP and current live set might be their best to date, the interludes during their live set is awesome. FACEBOOK.

25. Cynarae: Based out of Seattle, Cynarae is one of the gnarliest bands around. If you’re into His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia, and Deadguy I highly suggest checking Cynarae out. Needs more pickslides. FACEBOOK.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Menace - Agony

Year: 2012
1. Infamous
2. Eye Opener
3. Infected
4. Afterlife
5. Needle Park

In regard to hardcore; when people say Pennsylvania, only 2 places usually come to mind: Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre.  Williamsport, PA's Menace is trying to change all that by stomping Central PA onto the hardcore map.  I highly suggest checking them out if you're into bands Death Threat, 100 Demons, and Ringworm. Their EP "Agony" is coming out soon and it is one hell of a ripper.  Luckily for you, I got a sneak peak of the EP for you to chew on until it's released.  Most likely they're coming to your area within the next year.  Go to the show and hit that pit.

Drug Lust- 7" Promo Tape

Year: 2012
1. Painkiller Blues
2. Dusted
3. Gonna Have To Fight (S.O.A)

Monday, September 3, 2012

No Master- EP

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Burning Spirit
2. Natural Selection
3. Self Righteous Termination
4. Pain
5. Enslaved
6. Noose
7. Ruthless Future

Consent- Conception

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5


1.Scared To Death
3.Never Forward

Aversion are a new hardcore band coming out of Miami, Florida. Playing a style of melodic and metallic hardcore that is both heavy, technical and passionate, this band is a must-hear for fans of bands like Shai Hulud, Strongarm, and Sleeping By The Riverside. It's been a while since I have heard this style played so well and with such a fresh approach. The recording sounds absolutely massive as well, this is definitely a band to watch out for and I'm looking forward to seeing them around Florida and look forward to new material. If you enjoy the songs, definitely consider throwing them a donation towards the record via their bandcamp (linked above). Excellent stuff!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breaking Ground- 2012 Demo

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Better Off
2. You Lose
3. Self Disgrace
4. T.F.M.C
5. Clock's Ticking
6. Infected

Brightside- Second Matter

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Memo
2. Cry About It
3. Seconds Matter
4. Breaking Out Is Hard To Do
5. Naota Nandaba

Sex Cross- Self Titled

Year: 2012
Quality: 320kbps
1. Summer on Fire
2. Sacrifice
3. Crimson Eyed

Review:Mourner-The Rising End


Mourner are a band from Minneapolis who play crusty and dark metallic hardcore. The Rising End is their debut LP and an impressive debut it is. You can hear a wide variety of influences shining through these songs, from the dark, grimey heaviness of bands like Cursed as well as the more punk leanings of the older work from bands like Modern Life Is War and This Is Hell. At times it proves to be a potent combination, with tracks such as "Knifes Twist" and "Darkest Dreams" containing some absolutely crushing passages. The band's slower moments are especially good, with a good amount of post metal atmosphere thrown in. This is most apparent on the midpoint of the album "Young And Ruined", the slowest song on the album that mostly centers around one riff to great effect, and most definitely one of the albums highlights. The production is fitting for the style, with just the right amount of clarity while still maintaining the dirty/raw vibe of the songs. All and all this is an excellent debut LP from a promising up and coming band, and fans of metallic hardcore would be wise to give it a shot when it comes out September 29th.

You can stream two tracks from The Rising End as well as purchase/preorder the album HERE