Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: Full Of Hell-Trumpeting Ecstasy


I've been covering Maryland powerhouse Full Of Hell practically since I started writing for this blog, starting initially with their now revered debut LP for A389 Records "Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home". Since then the band has made large strides and progressed at a fever pitch pace, consistently upping the ante with every single subsequent release. After releasing collaborative LP's with the likes of The Body and Merzbow, a crushing 7 inch split with recent touring partners Nails, and a consistent touring regiment that has seen the band travel up and down the United States as well as several other areas of the world, the band has released their long awaited third full length LP Trumpeting Ecstasy, and the wait has been more than worth it. This record shows that the band's time on the road and in the studio with various peers has tremendously expanded their musicianship and the mastering of their craft, and stands as the most volatile and impressive statement of intent from the band to date.

Trumpeting Ecstasy is a relentless assault to the senses, from the opening notes of the first track until the very end of it's 25 minute duration. While previous releases from the band have seen them explore all the various corners of the extreme music world to varying degrees, this album takes the sonic identity of the band and pushes it to it's purest form, sharpening their blackened hardcore punk/grindcore sound into the most razor sharp, direct and hard hitting that it has ever sounded. An incredible recording from Kurt Ballou of God City Studios also pushes everything to the next level, bringing a previously unheard weight and heft to the band's sound that only serves to highlight their sonic strengths even further.

 Dipping into all of their previous influences while commanding a sound that has become wholly and uniquely their own, the band has impressively managed to not only release their heaviest and most extreme album to date, but also strangely their most accessible. The result is not only an album that will blow away long time fans of the band with high expectations, but will undoubtfully turn the heads of many uninitiated listeners as well. With Trumpeting Ecstasy, Full Of Hell have further cemented their place in the top tier of active extreme musicians today, and have yet again upped the ante with their finest set of songs to date. Absolutely essential for extreme music fans of any and all walks of life.