Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review/Stream: Axis/Seraph The Light-Collaboration EP


Florida metallic hardcore band Axis and Memphis post-metal/post punk/post everything trio Seraph The Light (formerly Seraphim) are both standout bands in both their respective genres as well as the current heavy music landscape in general. The former band released their long awaited LP Show Your Greed via Good Fight Records last year, and cemented themselves as one of the best and most forward thinking heavy hardcore bands around. Meanwhile, Seraph The Light followed their now arguably seminal album The Light And The Distance with a self released LP and EP that pushed outside of their respective genre's confines more than ever before. Earlier this year, the two bands toured together and inbetween their shows, they merged together as one band to craft songs that they would play later at said shows. After the tour, the bands came together again to record the songs they created on the road together, resulting in this crushing 4 song collaboration EP that stands as one of the biggest surprises of the year.

While both commanding artists by themselves, this collaboration shows these two bands in an entirely new light, as these 4 lengthy songs bring to mind the crushing heaviness and ethereal and trance-like atmosphere of Times Of Grace/Through Silver In Blood era Neurosis, while piling on the sheer density and weight of both band's own sonic qualities. The result is impressive, and finds the bands both reaching outside of their respective comfort zones while seamlessly blending together. For the spontaneous  nature of the creation of these 4 songs, this EP always feels like a very focused and expertly crafted effort. It brings to mind the best of both bands while also bringing something new to the table entirely. This EP is something you will definitely want to check out immediately if you are a fan of heavy music and an essential listen for fans of either band as well as post metal heavy weights such as Knut, Isis and Neurosis. You can stream the release via Good Fight Records below, also below you will find a link to pre order the record on vinyl, and at an extremely limited 300 copies I would get on that asap. Finally, below you will also find the tour dates for their current run as a collaborative unit, so make sure to check it out if it's hitting your neck of the woods.