Monday, December 26, 2016

Eliot's top 5 records of 2016

In my personal opinion, 2016 was an incredible year for music releases in general. Instead of the typical top 10 list I usually drop for the blog every year, I decided to write a short paragraph for my favorite 5 hardcore/punk releases of the year. Releases are listed in no particular order. I would throw in honorable mentions but there are honestly too many to begin. So here are my favorite/most listened to punk releases of the year:


Without a doubt my most listened to album of the year in any genre period, Culture Abuse's first proper full length is by far one of the catchiest punk releases I can recall in the past decade or even more. A record filled to the brim with both disdain for modern society and a surprising amount of positive energy in rejecting those notions, the grip this album can easily take in your headspace cannot be denied. Coupled with an incredible live show, all eyes are set on the band for their next move in 2017.


It's hard to decide what's more impressive, the fact that Low Teens is chaotic metalcore band Every Time I Die's 8th full length record or the fact that it arguably stands as the finest material the band has releases to date. Featuring both the catchiest and most devastatingly heavy material the band has released to date, Low Teens has been in constant rotation for me since release and will stay that way throughout the year ahead.


After years of fevered anticipation, California hardcore band Dangers finally released their third full length LP, and the wait was beyond worth it. Keeping the anthemic and breakneck energy that made the band so endearing in the first place while injecting a heavy dose of new musical influences and maturity in the mix, the album stands tall as the band's greatest effort to date.An incredible live band, here is to hoping some touring will follow this release in the year to come.


Another highly anticipated release to drop this year that did not disappoint was Nothing's follow up to Guilty Of Everything, Tired Of Tomorrow. Displaying the same mesmerizing shoegaze laced crunch that made the band such an addictive listen in the first place while adding a large 90's alternative rock influence, they delivered an incredibly catchy album that was built for repeated listens.


All memes regarding the title of their album aside, it's hard to deny that metallic hardcore powerhouse Nails released one of the most insanely heavy albums of 2016 in any genre. Packed to the brim with headbang/mosh worthy riffs and pure vitriol, the band seemed to stop their momentum entirely by announcing an indefinite hiatus only to return at the end of the year with an excellent split with fellow extreme music champions Full Of Hell as well as a full US tour that stretches into the beginning months of 2017. It's a fitting mode of operation for one of the most intense heavy bands currently around, and through it all, despite all good and bad press, their third full length stood on it's own merit and the crushing music spoke for itself.

Again, it was almost impossible to narrow my choices down to just 5 releases. Incredible LP's such as the Full Of Hell/The Body collaboration and Fury-Paramount make a strong case for being on this list as well, but at the end of the day, these are the 5 that really stuck with me throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store, and thanks for reading.