Monday, February 15, 2016

Review/Stream: God Harvest-Insulated


Tampa, Florida grindcore 5 piece God Harvest have been making a reputation for themselves in their local area for several years now, both through their intense and deafening live shows as well as their impressive demo recordings and split material with Cogs & Sprockets. Late last year, the band finally unleashed their long time coming (and long awaited locally) LP "Insulated" online for streaming via bandcamp, and after finally getting in a good number of listens I can say this is a record that fans of the chaotic, no holds barred approach that grind stalwarts such as Insect Warfare, Phobia and Magrudergrind employ will want to check out "Insulated" immediately.

As you can tell by the somewhat NSFW cover art, God Harvest are band that pulls no punches both visually and musically as well. The band tears through 11 tracks of punishing grindcore with knife-like precision, with a raw yet dense recording that perfectly translates the intensity of their live presence. Light touches of hardcore punk/powerviolence only serve to build to assault to the senses even further, as well as serving well for crossover appeal that makes this worth checking out even if grindcore isn't your biggest cup of tea. The sheer urgency and weight of the material at hand makes "Insulated" something that most fans of extreme music in general will most likely find themselves nodding along to at the very least, if not outright breaking things.

"Insulated" is an excellent debut LP from a band full of Tampa veterans who have cut their teeth in plenty of excellent and very missed Florida bands, and a record that sees the members hitting a stride in both songwriting skill and their ability to deliver a pure sonic assault devoid of all filler. You can pre order a very limited (only 75 copies made for the first press) LP as well as check out their other merch at the link provided below, and I've also provided a full stream of the album via bandcamp below as well. Fans of any of the aforementioned bands in this review and extreme music in general owe it to themselves to check out "Insulated", it's an incredible impressive debut full length and an exciting sign of things to come from this band.