Sunday, June 14, 2015

Download/Review/Stream: The Siege Fire-Dead Refuge


Released via the band's bandcamp page late last year and now coming on LP as a split release via labels Deadtank and 1985, Portland, Oregon's The Siege Fire serves up a ridiculously impressive debut LP in Dead Refuge. Throughout Dead Refuge the band manages to nail the crust/hardcore hybrid arguably brought most notably to the forefront by bands such as His Hero Is Gone and later Tragedy (whom the former band shared members with) as well as bringing to mind newer contemporaries such as Belgium hardcore heavyweights Rise and Fall, a band that is now unfortunately inactive (and in my opinion wholly underrated). The resulting chaos is an unrelenting assault that stands toe to toe with the best recordings of the aforementioned bands, as The Siege Fire rip through 11 songs of crusty and metallic hardcore with an impressive passion and urgency rarely seen in a band's debut LP. It's fitting that on addition to being able to stream and download this release for free via bandcamp which you will find below, you will also soon be able to get this killer record on vinyl via the links below, and this comes highly recommended for fans of any of the bands mentioned in this review or any fans of crust/hardcore/metal in general.