Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review:Axis-Show Your Greed


It's been several years now since the resurgence of the 90's era hardcore sound has found it's way back to the forefront of the scene. At this point there are a countless number of bands that harken back to the style to varying degrees of success. Florida hardcore powerhouse Axis have always been one of the more impressive newer bands taking a great deal of influence from this style, and after several years of touring, an excellent and impressive sign of things to come in their split with Self Defense Family and what seemed like an agonizingly long wait to many who have been keeping the band on their radar the time is nearly upon us, as the band is set to drop their debut LP Show Your Greed this summer. Having had the chance to listen to this jaw dropping release for about a month now and having had it in constant rotation, I can confidently say that the band has shattered even the highest expectations that could have been held for the release.

For those unfamiliar, Axis play a chaotic and crushing style of metallic hardcore that takes heavy influence from 90's hardcore greats such as All Else Failed, Indecision and Turmoil. While it's true that I haven't heard any band nail this particular era of hardcore as well as Axis have in their time as a band, they aren't just content to conjure images of the past, as adding their own flair of technicality and upped intensity to the mix. The resulting 10 tracks on Show Your Greed paint are almost unbelievable in their sledgehammer-like punch and insane heaviness. It's obvious the time taken to release this collection of songs was well spent, as in my opinion it would be hard to pin down a current heavy hardcore band aside from perhaps Incendiary with such conviction and sincerity in their aesthetic and sound. 

Show Your Greed shows Axis fulfilling the massive potential they have shown in their previous recordings and their intense live show. It's an album devoid of filler of any kind, one that both brings a forward thinking aesthetic while simultaneously compelling you to break everything in the room the second the first note hits. Rarely in this day and age is a debut LP from a hardcore band such a knock to the gut, so compelling and so sincere. It's a high watermark for the band, for the Florida hardcore scene and for hardcore music in general, and an absolute must listen for any and all fans of the genre. The album is set to drop sometime in the coming months of summer via Good Fight Recordings , so be sure to keep an eye out and an ear open for it.