Monday, March 23, 2015

Review:Griever-Our Love Is Different


After an extremely promising debut EP in 2011's Inferior as well as 2013's excellent 3 way split with At Our Heels and VYGR, California band Griever has finally unleashed their debut full length Our Love Is Worth It. For those unfamiliar with the band, they play a crushing and urgent blend of metal/sludge that always pulls influence from their members previous musical ventures in various bay area hardcore bands including the criminally underrated Lewd Acts. Personally this LP came highly anticipated after hearing their previous releases, and I'm pleased to say that it represents a huge step up for the band and a huge delivery on the promise shown prior.

The 9 tracks on Our Love Is Different play to the band's strength for creating huge sounding sludge songs with a slight hardcore punk leaning that keeps things constantly interesting and dynamic. Songs like the standout title track sound like an amalgamation the poppy sludge sound pioneered by bands such as Floor and Torche coupled with harsh yet catchy vocals that bring to mind early Mastodon. All this is backed by an urgency that no doubt comes from the band member's hardcore/punk background. It's an interesting and unique combination that sets them apart from their peers and makes Our Love Is Different a very dynamic listen.

Griever's first few releases showed promise, but Our Love Is Different sets the band on a new level and should be an essential listen for anyone into forward thinking heavy music. You can stream the entire release via bandcamp and also find links to order the physical record below:

Order "Our Love Is Different" on LP via Vitriol Records