Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review/Stream:Spine-Time Has Gone


One of the quieter releases that slipped out in late 2014 was the long awaited LP by Kansas City/Chicago hardcore unit Spine. The LP follows a string of excellent releases including their demo, the Subhuman 7 inch and split with The Repos, and it follows through on the promise shown on those releases with the band's strongest showing of songs to date. For those unintiated, Spine play furious hardcore/punk heavily influenced by early powerviolence pioneers such as Crossed Out and Infest as well as more youth crew oriented hardcore such as Youth Of Today. While taking heavy influence from the past may be a route many bands see fit to travel these days, few play as hard and with as much sincerity as Spine have shown on their previous releases, and Time Has Gone is no different. The end result is perhaps arguably the purest expression of hardcore/punk, short, fast and raw blasts of fury played with absolutely flawless percision, while still managing to be downright catchy in it's simplicity and anthemic quality. Time Has Gone rages by in a brief 15 and a half minutes, and it's the perfect amount of time for the band to get straight to the point and go straight for the throat. Highly recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned bands and all fans of raw and uncompromising hardcore. You can check out a full stream below courtesy of the Bad Teeth Recordings bandcamp, and physical copies of the LP are available via the Bad Teeth Bigcartel which you can find HERE.