Sunday, January 18, 2015




2.Ok Ok
3.Bread And Circus//Goat Food

Lipschitz are a hardcore/punk band from Odessa, Florida. This new EP has been offered as a free/pay what you want release. It should also be noted that all proceeds generated from the bandcamp donations towards this release will be donated to an awesome cause, per the band's bandcamp page:

"ALL money paid towards this album digitally is going directly to to help women and children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. We don't need your money for band stuff when other people need it more, if you buy this digitally we arent spending money other than recording but we do that for US and you but still, us, SO, donate if you'd like. Will send you proof that your money went to HAGAR and NOT us."

 Ever//Ready features 4 songs of dark and uniquely personal hardcore punk with no regard for current trends, and provides an emotional and cathartic listening experience that feels refreshingly honest, sincere and stripped down. The band will be heading out on tour in late January/early February, with dates you can check out below, and in addition, please contact the band HERE if you can help with filling any of the dates below . Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Ceremony, Dangers and Ruiner.