Saturday, January 3, 2015

Crime Desire- Your Power (Review + Free Download)

If Necros, Born Against, and Life’s Blood spawned a child, I feel that San Diego’s Crime Desire would be the perfect representation of that sound. Combining the USHC sound with elements of metal, fastcore, and some crust influences, their newest effort, “Your Power” is a nonstop barrage of 11 boot stomping anthems. The album’s title track and swan song (and the longest song on the album clocking in over 4 minutes) showcases Crime Desire’s efficiency in blending their influences with many of the riffs being more metal influenced and it was one of my favorites along with “Nothing Left”. For those who have been interested in the releases from labels such as Katorga Works, Grave Mistake and etc. then I would definitely not sleep on this release as it fits in great with any of those bands.

With the slow emergence of USHC influenced bands in California (see: Stoic Violence, Blazing Eye, etc.) Crime Desire stay away from the usual formula and to me it is what makes this album work so well. While the other bands rely on and take pride in the gritty nature of their sound and the use of feedback or other noise aspects, Crime Desire adds in their own personal ideas and tastes. This is not to say that it’s much different from the bands mentioned as the lyrical styling is still very much the class dichotomy of rich versus poor and other class/ working class struggles, just the delivery is different via the vocal style (reminiscent of Coke Bust or even Spazz/ Infest at times).

Bottom Line: This album rules and while if you’re looking for the next mosh band it won’t be for you, if you’re a fan of some fast paced hardcore punk, then this is for you. I also recommend catching them live as they put on one hell of a live set.

Review by Brett H