Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wet Wired- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Wet Wire
2. Soft Light
3. Taste Of Terror
4. Strapped To Burn
5. Hole

Featuring members of Leather Daddy, Death Injection, Rash Tongue, and More! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fury- 2016 Promo

Year: 2015
Quality: 192kbps
1. Duality Of Man
2. Thin Line
3. No Choice (Outburst Cover)

Promo for the bands forthcoming LP due out on Triple B Records in 2016.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Download/Stream:Crisis Unit-PROMO



1.To What Extent?
2.Attention Snore
3.You're Done

Florida rippers Crisis Unit return with a 3 song promo tape of fast and angry hardcore punk in the vein of bands such as American Nightmare, Carry On and Panic. This 3 song promo tape serves as a preview for their upcoming 7 inch that will be dropping sometime between spring and summer next year. The band will have physical copies of the tape available at FYA Fest in Tampa, Florida this weekend, which you can check out the info for below. Highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned bands, you can download the release above and also stream the release via bandcamp below.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Full Of Hell- Amber Mote in the Black Vault

Year: 2016
Quality: 320kbps
1. Halogen Bulb
2. Amber Mote
3. Barb and Sap
4. Oven (Melvins)

Preorder copies of the 7" are sold out, more copies will be available on the Bad Teeth Recordings webstore soon. Also, I (Wayne) currently have 8x10's of Full Of Hell available on my personal webstore, snag one up if that's your cup of tea! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Combatant- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 192kbps
1. Fatal Dose
2. Absolute Power
3. Instigate
4. System Shock
5. Out For War
6. Disorder

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stuck Pigs- Bleed Like...

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Control
2. Stuck Pigs
3. Religious Homicide
4. Man About Town
5. Go Away
6. Bad Influence (Neon Christ)

Mongrel- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Worthless
2. Collapse
3. Erase Me
4. Black Out
5. Shut Down

Members of Gag, Stoic Violence, Response, and more!

No Time- Promo Tape

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Anti-Social Today
2. No Enemies
3. You'll Get Yours

Awesome promo for the bands upcoming 12". New album is due out on Six Feet Under Records & Phobiact Records in 2016.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Best Of 2015: Staff Picks

Another year is coming to a close, as always we'll be throwing down our staff picks for "Best Of 2015". As was the theme in every year past, these are 100% opinion based, so don't stomp your feet and whine if some of your favorite releases of the year aren't listed. Thank you for supporting Toxicbreed's Funhouse for yet another great year. If all goes as planned, 2016 will bring more physical releases and more of the same old downloads/reviews/interviews you've grown to either love or hate.

Wayne's (Toxicbreed) Picks
xRepentancex- The Sickness of Eden
Gag- America's Greatest Hits
Cult Leader- Lightless Walk
Old Wounds- The Suffering Spirit
Total Abuse- Excluded
Freedom- USA Hardcore
Axis- Show Your Greed
Blistered- The Poison of Self Confinement
Cowards- Rise To Infamy
No Tolerance- You Walk Alone

EP's / Demos:
Eightball- Demo
Firewalker- Demo
Foundation- Turncoat
Vexx- Give & Take
Sheer Mag- II
ICE- Demo / 4 Songs (Counting two releases as one)
Yautja- Songs Of Lament
Culture Abuse- Spray Paint The Dog
Ajax- S/T

Honorable Mentions:
Vaaska- Todos Contra Todos
Royal Headache- High
Of Feather And Bone- Embrace the Wretched Flesh
Ceremony- The L-Shaped Man
Genocide Pact- Forged Through Domination
Drug Church- Swell
Envy- Atheistʼs Cornea
Title Fight- Hyperview
The Body & Thou- You, Whom I Have Always Hated


Eliot's Picks
Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly
Cult Leader- Lightless Walk
Axis- Show Your Greed
Drug Church- Hit Your Head
Loma Prieta- Self Portrait
Earl Sweatshirt- I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside
Death Grips- The Powers That B
Vince Staples- Summertime '06
Blacklisted- When People Grow, People Go
Heat Dust- S/T LP


Brett's Picks
Chvrches- Every Open Eye
Failure- The Heart Is A Monster
Old Wounds- The Suffering Spirit
Axis- Show Your Greed
Drake- If You're Reading This...
Blistered- The Poison of Self...
Turnover- Peripheral Vision
Foundation- Turncoat
Cowards- Rise To Infamy
Julien Baker- Sprained Ankle


Jeremy's Picks
1. Adventures – Supersonic Home
2. G.L.O.S.S. – Demo
3. Old Wounds – The Suffering Spirit
4. Sorority Noise – Joy, Departed
5. TWIABP – Harmlessness
6. Touché Amore / SDF – Self Love
7. Ex Youth – Ex Youth
8. Noisem - Blossoming Decay
9. Axis – Show Your Greed
10. Free – Demo 2015

Honorable Mentions:
The Banner/Old Wounds – Only the Dead Know Jersey
Weekend Nachos – Weezer Nachos
Yautja – Songs of Lament
Sweet Jesus – You Destroy Yourself
Dr. Dre – Compton
Cult Leader – Lightless Walk
Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

Friday, December 4, 2015

Protester- Paincave Sessions

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Mindless Acceptance
2. Fight It Off
3. Dead Inside
4. Bustin' Out (NY Wolfpack)

Brand new material from Washington DC's Protester. Tracks 1-3 will be featured on an upcoming LP coming out on Trash King Productions in 2016.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Brain Slug- Live In Power (Promo Tape)

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Checkmate
2. Mortar And Brick
3. Winter In America
4. Live In Power
5. Serve And Protect (Citizen's Arrest Cover)
6. Ode To... (Beastie Boys Cover)
Promo for the bands upcoming full length entitled "Live In Power" 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ajax- Self Titled

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Priced
2. Appeal To Heaven
3. Nothing
4. Paper and Steel

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Prison Hit- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: VBR
1. No Symbol
2. Dodged Bullet
3. We Will Never Be The Same
4. Forced to Fire
5. The Search
6. Stuck In The Mess

The Rodeo Idiot Engine- Malaise

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Le Parfum
2. Carrying Icons
3. Passing Daemons
4. Syngue Sabour
5. Je Me Noierai
6. Ildoak
7. Makurrak
8. Final Relief
9. Thousand Of Nails

Bib- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. No Exit
2. Pressure
3. Addicted
4. The Answer
5. Baby Worm
6. Sweat City

Monday, November 30, 2015

Free- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Dedication
2. Vow
3. MA Flex
4. We Live Free

Brand new band out of Massachusetts, featuring members of Have Heart (4/5th's of Have Heart to be exact), Wolf Whistle, Sweet Jesus, and More!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deprive- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro
2. Life Is War
3. No Redemption
4. Disgust
5. God's Grace
Killer new band out of SLC. FFO Hatebreed, Buried Alive, & All Out War

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Facility- Self Titled

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Self-Inflicted
2. Handling A Crown Of Thorns
3. Uncovering The Past Beneath The Present
4. Like A Roof That Raised Four Families
5. A Three Dimensional Crashing Cross

Monday, November 16, 2015

Letters To Catalonia- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. I
2. III
3. II

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blindside USA- Wave Of Regret

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Watch You Drop
2. Can't Stand
3. Not Punk
4. Chained Relief
5. Bind
6. Wave Of Regret

Soul Power- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Getcha Mind Right
2. Chain Drop
3. D.B.T.H.
4. Kick Rocks
5. Unlearn

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lower Species- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. New Damage
2. Time Is Up
3. Waste
4. Overlooked

Brand new NWHC band featuring members of Gag, White Wards, Singled Out, and More! FFO: Madball, Breakdown, Outburst, Raw Deal, etc.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Gazm- Dirty Beach

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. No Escape
2. Reasons
3. Rats
4. Pusha Man
5. Predator
6. Wild Dogs

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Interview: Jose Mora (Gag / White Wards)

Hey Joey, thanks again for taking the time to do this interview. For our readers who may be out of the loop, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what bands you are involved with?

My name is actually Jose, but most people call me Joey, trying to go by Jose though. As for bands I am in, I play guitar in Gag, Mongrel and Lower Species. I play Drums in Eightball, Combat Knife and Love Interest. I play Bass in Stand Up and I sing In white Wards. Working on a few other projects too that don’t have names or full line ups yet.

Gag is about to head out on a two and a half week East Coast tour in support of your new full length "America's Greatest Hits", could you tell us a little bit about the new album and when we can expect to see physical copies available?

I am super excited this is finally happening. the real deal Lp will be out in Dec/Jan probably but we will have a tour version available on that east coast tour. It's been a long journey trying to figure out that lp on account of all the other stuff we do and some members live in different cities. half of it was wrote in 2013 and the other half in 2015. I hope people will like it, I think it sounds like a mix of the 40oz rule 90’ 7-inch and our demo, driving and hard.

This upcoming tour lands as your second time visiting the East Coast (to my knowledge). What cities are you most excited to be playing and are there any cities you’re playing that you’ve never visited before (via touring or just visiting)?

We actually haven't played most of the east coast because our van broke down on our full US. Collectively GAG is super excited to go to Miami and DC. We have played and hung with a ton of DC heads the last year so just to see the homies will be sick. Miami because it's fuckin Miami homie! Will Smith wrote a song about it, so chill.

America's Greatest Hits lands as your second release through Iron Lung Records. How has it been working with Jensen and Jon on the label side of things?

Jensen and Jon are the real deal down for whatever homies. Jensen and I are in a band together and White Wards has put out two records with him so we have been friends for a while and know how each other work. Iron Lung are really supportive in what we want for our band and if they think something is bullshit they won’t hesitate to say. I love that about them.

Okay, I gotta ask you to talk about this because the story is insane to me and I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see how fucked up Adam was in person. Could you tell our readers about the Bridge incident prior to Resurrect Cali Fest in NorCal? Also, how is his recovery going since the accident happened?

I can't even really speak on it, haha. he never explained what happened just that he was drunk and fell off a bridge onto his back. he thought he cracked a few ribs but it turns out he broke his back and fucked up some cartilage. He's doing a lot better but damn that weekend was rough as hell. Sorry about that Gilman.

Now onto your other guitar based rock band, White Wards. Do you feel the writing process for White Wards is a bit easier for you since the project has been your baby since 2009?

Honestly, no. That band has changed so much and I don't even remember the last time i wrote a song for White Wards. I mostly just write lyrics now which is cool with me because I am the main songwriter in a few of my other bands.

White Wards recorded their newest full length with Jake Dudley, how was working with Jake and that recording session process?

Jake is family! Man honestly the Bay in general is like Olive Garden.

Jake did the art for both the first 7-inch and the Cig Burns LP. We have been gigging with Jake for years and at this point for how much he has done for White Wards he basically is the sixth member. If he moved to the PNW he would definitely be in White Wards, that’s the big homie.

During the White Wards set at the fest I remember you being extremely vocal about individuals taking the time to visit domestic violence information table that was set up across from 924 Gilman and to help out if possible, which is leading to my next question. What programs/problems would you like to see individuals take more initiative in being involved with/taking down?

It was cool to see that domestic abuse Table outside and it really inspired me to say something because i have lived in a family that had to deal with domestic abuse and it is awful and ruins family’s. Unfortunately found out after the fact that someone who had a part in booking that fest was beating his partner. it's fucking absurd and so enraging to hear about that happening in the punk scene. I shouldn't have to say it but DON'T FUCKING ABUSE YOUR PARTNER. This Includes but is not limited to physical violence, emotional abuse, manipulation or public humiliation. No one should have to beg you to be a better person.

The next two questions are going to be a bit similar. First off, what are your Top 5 "Must Hear" Hardcore/Punk albums from the Northwest for someone who may be completely oblivious to what has been produced up there?

Top five PNW records
Poison Idea- Pick Your King
Cold Sweat- Severed Ties
Brotherhood- No Tolerance For Ignorance
Melvins- Houdini/Glooey Porch Treatments
Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced (c’mon)

Recent Top Five PNW records (not including me)
Society Nurse- Junk Exsistence
 Odd Man Out- Demo
Bricklayer- LP (out soon)
Walls- 12ep
Nudes- Sister ep

Secondly, what are your Top 5 Hardcore/Punk albums of all time?

This is best I could do off top but still pretty accurate for me

Top Five (only) Hardcore/Punk Records
SSD - Get it Away
Rudimentary Peni- Death Church
Madball - Ball of Destruction
Ramones- Rocket to Russia
Negative Approach - NA ep

So if you guys don’t reach Rob Zombie status by the time you hit the age of 28, where are you guys headed?

I got a few more years so hopefully I don’t have to change my trajectory. Really holding out for Rob Zombie though.

What’s to be expected from you and your musical projects, Winter 2015 and beyond? Can we expect new White Wards and Eightball material?

White Wards is writing another LP so look out for that in 2017 probably haha. Eightball will have a demo in November and a 7-inch on Warthog Speak in 2016. Stand up will also have a demo in November. Lower Species is recording on Nov 1st so please keep your eyes peeled for that, thats my baby. Mongrel is gonna record an ep soonish. Love Interest will record the LP we have had written for over two years eventually. Combat Knife has an LP coming out on Video Disease and SchizoidUnit. Gag has a full length on Iron Lung Coming soon, a 12ep on Triple B records and a Compilation of the demo, 40oz ep, Rob Zombie 12ep and the flexi. Gag and Combat Knife are doing a full west coast, midwest and mexican tour. Possible tour plans for Eightball as well.

What’s the best Obituary album to air riff to?

My man! World fuckin Demise, homie. Straight up groove oriented pit riffs. Close second is the Live Album “Dead”, songs from the first four records all the bangers no bullshit.

Now for the most important question of the interview. Who is the most "Traditionally Handsome" member of Red Scare? Casey or Waylon?

Damn. Hard to answer because both are so handsome. if we are talking just looks I'll say Waylon because his blonde locks scream heart throb. I think Casey would be a much more attentive partner though and he replies to the Triple T more often but Waylon is in Lower Species.

Any last words? Special active guitar based rock bands you’d like to give some love?

I probably already said too much but, everyone go checkout Gatecreeper, Red Scare, Lock, Scalped, Profile, Odd Man Out, Bricklayer, Nudes, Vexx, Fury, Response and Freedom. Shout outs to my my dawgs Tony Molina for holding down the guitar in a way i never could, Allen and Jeremy for being an inspiration on the skins, my number one bros J Caff, KJ and meatball for keeping me positive and holding me down. Last but not least UNITTTY .

Be sure to catch Gag on their upcoming East Coast tour. Tour information can be found here. Keep an eye out for their upcoming LP "America's Greatest Hits", due out on Iron Lung Records this Winter (if pressing plants abide). In the mean time, check out the first single from the LP below:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mace- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro/Degraded
2. Society's Sick
3. Shortened Fuse
4. Unwell
5. Patron Saints
6. Predator
7. Ghosts
8. Loud Mouth
9. Destruction Path

Eightball- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. The Scam
2. Weapon
3. Plagued
Features a bunch of members of NW bands you either love or hate.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birds In Row/WAITC- Split

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Birds In Row- Can't Leave
2. Birds In Row- Can't Lie
3. Birds In Row- Can't Love
4. WAITC- Empty Decade/Saturnism
5. WAITC- Veiled Ax
6. WAITC- Empty Mailbox

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Concealed Blade- Tour Tape

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Never Heard
2. Social Suicidal
3. Fuck to Survive
4. No Patience (Real Enemy Cover)

Kept In Line- Conscience Collapse

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Your Fix
2. Tell You Nothing
3. The Dropout
4. Jock Complex
5. Repetition/Into Extinction

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Firewalker- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Nothing Left
2. Sicker Than You
3. This City
4. Don't Cross Me
5. Scorcher
Physical copies available via Failure Recordings soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blazing Eye- S/T

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. No Outside
2. Kill You
3. Devil
4. Biting

Monday, October 12, 2015

Souls Denied- Dethroned

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Unholy Exterminator
2. Ignited Flesh
3. Dethroned

Absolutely killer demo featuring members of Detain and Misery. FFO Suffocation, Immolation, and Fight Riffs.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mind Control- S/T

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro/Dig
2. Hidden Messages
3. Robot Mode
4. Dead Communication
5. Downplay
6. Stuck
7. Trends


Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. HQW
3. CQP

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Corrective Measure- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Run Your Mouth
2. Out of Line
3. Afraid to Lose
4. Corrective Measure
5. Discriminate Me (Agnostic Front)
Demo tape available via Mosher's Delight soon!

Wildspeaker- Survey The Wreckage

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Ouroborous
2. Survey The Wreckage
3. Apex Predator
4. Invasive Species
5. Overgrown Tomb
6. Abrupt Decay
7. Ultimate Price
8. Path To Exile
9. Power Lines
10. Reclamation

Sunday, October 4, 2015




1.Your Last Breath
2.The Fear With It
3.The Internal Flame
4.Dead Inside
5.Suffer In Your Sin

Ramses are a new heavy/metallic hardcore band from Tampa, Florida. With a sound you could compare to early Damnation A.D. and Disembodied as well as Hatebreed's early work, this band brings about a great sense of urgency and despair in these initial demo recordings that channels the parts of the aforementioned bands that made them as noted as they are. These intial recordings show a lot of promise to come in the future and stand alone as a very solid demo as well. If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or heavy hardcore in general, I highly recommend checking this out and giving it a listen. You can download Ramses demo from the link above and you can also stream the entire release via bandcamp below.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I.C.E.- 4 Songs

Year: 2015
Quality: VBR
1. Intro / Trust No Bitch
2. Modern Scum
3. Jokes On You
4. Colder

Brand new release from Washington DC/Richmond, VA's own ICE. Band features members of Pure Disgust, Protester, and Red Death. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tempest- Self Titled

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro
2. A Grand Design
3. Shroud
4. Sunless Year
5. Atonement
6. Wounding Pattern
7. Deprivation
8. The Night Remains

Physical copies available on React with Protest records and An out Recordings later this year. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Line of Sight- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Line of Sight
2. Through Our Hands
3. No Need
4. Fade
Brand new Straight Edge band based out of Washington DC. Band features members of Mindset, Barge, Pure Disgust, and Protester. FFO Battery / Uniform Choice / Bold

Dowrr- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Dust
2. Misfortune
3. Truth
4. Patience

Friday, September 18, 2015

Drawing Last Breath- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Silence & Salvation
2. Kindred Spirit
3. Seeds of Doom
4. A Tear Cast In Soil

Rad new band out of Florida. FFO Undying, Prayer For Cleansing, and State Craft. Straight up sound like they should be playing Hellfest in 2004.  

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wince- Media Prayer

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Bottom of the Barrel
2. No Catharsis
New band featuring members of Stickup Kid and The Sheds.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Interview: Old Wounds

If you’re a fan of Toxicbreed’s Funhouse you probably know who the band Old Wounds is. Whether it’s from listening to the music posted here, reading our review on their debut LP, or just seeing Toxicbreed post about their tour schedules; you know the name for a reason. Old Wounds is a monster of a band and has made a name for themselves in a relatively short amount of time. I decided to write up this interview for TBFH because I personally wanted to know more about them, while also wanting to help push the band in anyway that I can, and I had a feeling the information shared might be fascinating for our readers.


Toxicbreed’s Funhouse: Just to kick off things, what is your name and what do you do in the band?

Old Wounds: My name is Michael and I whip the bass around in Old Wounds.

TBFH: As I’m writing these questions, you guys are on the west coast in the middle of your “Summer of Suffering” tour. How has that been going for you guys?

OW: This tour was very likely the best one we'd ever done. All of the shows were great. We had a couple of good sleepovers with our friends in Axis and Of Feather And Bone. We went pretty hard on Taco Bell for the first two weeks. We'd go once, sometimes twice a day. I hate to say it, but that was a mistake. There was even a donut/Roman candle war between our van and Axis' while we were driving through the mountains in Oregon. Yeah, it was a good summer.

TBFH: On different legs of this tour, you have had some fantastic supporting bands, like your label mates in Axis and Of Feather and Bone. How has touring with those two bands been?

OW: We were a bit familiar with Axis' music, but didn't know those guys prior to the tour. Needless to say, we clicked almost instantly. They're a bunch of hilarious, honest, and hard working people. Also, their band absolutely rips. It's always great to be on tour with a band you want to see play every night. Of Feather and Bone and Old Wounds go back a bit and it's always such a great pleasure to be around them. They're another phenomenal band, musically and as human beings. For the week that all three band's legs of the tour overlapped- damn. You couldn't beat the crew we had.

TBFH: Since this tour is basically the album release tour for your new record “The Suffering Spirit”, how has the reception live been to the new songs? How about the reception of the songs elsewhere? Does your family like it?

OW: I don't think anyone in my family has heard the new record and that's ok. When we initially premiered a couple of new songs online the response was quite loud and positive. But that by no means prepared me for the response those songs would get when we would play them live for the first time. And it was crazy, to me at least. Not like a sold out, 500 cap room crazy, but we'd be on the complete opposite side of the country and there were usually a handful of kids who'd be singing the words to songs from a record that hadn't been out for even two months at that point by a hardcore band that, I assume, a couple people are aware of. There were multiple times when someone would request we play "Moral Hex". That's a song I hold pretty close to me, and writing the last half of that one in our practice space was always an emotional event internally. So to hear that someone else really likes that song makes me feel a very unique joy.

TBFH: The new record, as well as your last EP and split EP with The Banner, came out on Good Fight Music. How did that relationship come about? How have they treated you?

OW: Well, after we recorded "Death Projection" in March of 2014 we sat on it for a few months while looking for a label to put it out. It wasn't the easiest thing. I guess at that time of the year most labels are already booked with their releases for the rest of the year, so to squeeze something new in wouldn't be the most convenient thing for them to do, what with their established schedules and all. I don't remember exactly if Good Fight approached us or vice versa, but in any case, they were looking to grow their roster a bit more and take on new bands. Rick and Carl, the two gentlemen who run the label, liked our music, what we had accomplished already, and what future goals we wanted to set for ourselves. The rest is history. We could not have asked for a better label. They are completely no bullshit, all hard work. We consider each others ideas and words with respect. Our working relationship is solid and on top of that, we've become rather close. It's such a privilege to stand side by side with Good Fight.

TBFH: Old Wounds has fairly extensive release catalog considering how long you have been a band. It seems you guys are not a band to rest of the success of one record too long, are you guys planning anything for your next release or is it too early to be thinking about writing?

OW: I remember right after we recorded, but before the record was released, Zak and I were hanging out on a porch in Richmond and we started to talk about the third full length. I think we caught ourselves midway through the conversation and agreed that we'll return to it when it's time. It was weird talking about new music so soon. I think it's best that we just play shows for a while and when the time comes around that it feels right to start working on the next batch of songs, we'll get deal with all of that then. There's no rush.

TBFH: This is less of a question and more of a statement. But, speaking of your past releases, right before the release of “The Suffering Spirit” you released a split with fellow New Jersey band The Banner. This EP was somewhat swept under the rug with the release of the new record, but I just wanted to say I greatly enjoyed it, as it was a fantastic taste of what was to come with the new record.

OW: That was more or less a small fun 7" we had the opportunity to do with our friends. I think it got a fair amount of attention for a one time, 500 unit pressing. I'm glad you liked it. The Banner's side is nuts.

TBFH: I’m not sure if it is too widely known or not, but your drummer Brandon does most of the fantastic artwork associated with the band including your album art. Was this a conscious choice or was it simply convenience?

OW: Probably more of the former and some of the latter. Brandon does the majority of our merch designs and all of the layout work for our records. He absolutely has an eye for what the band is in terms of displaying its art visually. He does incredible stuff and it's been very cool to watch him develop his own style over the years. I'm not sure I've ever told him this in the six years that I've known him. Probably because I'm an introverted piece of trash.

TBFH: Old Wounds is touring quite a lot around the country throughout the year. Does the band still mainly use a DIY approach, use a official booking agency, or a mix of both?

OW: We still do a fair amount of booking ourselves, but here and there we've been working with booking agents.

TBFH: How has touring changed for you guys since the beginning of the band? Is it easier to do or is it still the same grind?

OW: It's always the same grind, but you get better at doing it. Once you've done it enough times, you figure out how to pack your personal belongings and the van more efficiently. You discover little tricks to save money, like asking for a cup for water at Chipotle, but then getting soda at the fountain. You continue to meet more and more awesome people who you're eager to see and hang out with the next time you travel up their way. Touring, at its core, will forever be the same grind for all bands (unless you're AC/DC or some shit), but it winds up becoming what you make of your time on the road. If you want to strictly drive, do nothing, play the show, leave the show, repeat- cool. You do you, you boring fuck. But if you want to drive overnight so you can hit up a vegan brunch spot in the morning in the next city, find a cool record store, play the show, light firecrackers outside somewhere, leave the show, sneak into a motel pool- hell yeah! We should probably hang out.

TBFH: And finally, just to wrap things up, where can people who enjoy your music purchase it? Thank you for your time.

OW: Vinyl, CD's, shirts, a hat- can all found at the following link. Thanks, buddy.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jesus Piece- Self Titled

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Lost Control
2. Sinking
3. Oppressor
4. Coward's Way
5. Conjure Life

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Creeping Death- Demo

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Nothing Left
2. Meant to Bleed
3. Injustice
4. Sentenced to Turmoil

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jungbluth- Lovecult

Year: 2015
Quality: 320kbps
1. Everytime Geradeaus
2. King Of The Hill
3. Schrödinger’s Katze
4. Charades
5. Untitled
6. Sternstunden der Doppelmoral
7. Dead Keys
8. Lokalkolorit
9. Overdose Us
10. Empathy Is Not A Competition