Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review: Ex Breathers-ExBx


Florida band Ex-Breathers have made an interesting habit of mashing the most chaotic and volatile elements of punk and hardcore with it's most forward thinking, at times sounding like an unholy amalgamation of bands as varied as Botch, Fugazi and Wire and sounding just as intriguing and downright crazy as that description would suggest. ExBx is the band's new 7 inch release and the strongest representation of their unique sound to date, as the band rips through 12 songs in just over 11 minutes.

Admittedly there is quite a bit to take in in those 11 minutes. As each song seamlessly transitions into the next, this record swells with an urgency and admirable passion. The band's dual vocals are shouted/sang over quick bursts of technical punk/hardcore that are immediately impactful, thanks to plenty of memorable guitarwork throughout and an outstanding rhythm section. It's rare that a band can make music this chaotic and catchy at the same time, and it doesn't take long for the songs on this record to ingrain themselves in your brain. While the band's past splits as well as their excellent 2012 full length Collision showed an insane amount of promise as far as the band being onto a sound that's truely unique and special, ExBx marks a huge step forward for them and one that will undoubtfully turn many heads as time goes on. Highly recommended for any fan of heavy music that's also forward thinking. Below you'll find an entire stream of the record courtesy of the band's bandcamp page, as well as ordering info for the physical 7 inch.