Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gross- "Tomorrow I Will Fall In Love" Promo



1.Low Windows
2.Here I Am
3.Close Circle

Grimey Orlando, Florida hardcore punk/powerviolence band Gross is back with 3 new songs that will appear on a future 7 inch that's yet to be recorded, and frankly this flat out rips. These 3 new songs are the best recordings from the band to date, 3 raw and uncompromising punk/hardcore songs that show a ton of promise for what's to come from the band. Falling somewhere between Ceremony's older material and a mix of Hoax and Iron Lung, the band tears through this new material that proves to be their best to date. Gross are one of the best punk/hardcore bands active in Florida currently in my opinion, and this tape doesn't show any signs of that changing anytime soon. Highly recommended for fans of all the aforementioned bands.