Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Of 2014: Staff Picks

That time of year, yet again. Keep in mind like all "Best Of 2014" lists, these are 100% opinion based. If someone didn't list something you love, don't whine about it.

Yautja- “Songs Of Descent”
Pallbearer- “Foundations Of Burden”
Coffinworm- “IV.I.VIII”
Homewrecker- “Circle Of Death”
Thou- “Heathen”
Full Of Hell- “Full Of Hell and Merzbow”
Lord Mantis- “Death Mask”
Torch Runner- “Endless Nothing”
Vallenfyre- “Splinters”
Lust For Youth- “International”

The Coltranes- “The Cat Of Nine Tails”
Dharma- “Sea Nothing”
Thou/The Body
Left Astray- “Don't Look For Me”
Glue- “Self Titled”
Vermin Womb- “Permanence”
Cursed Graves- “Western Blood”
Spine- “Promo Tape”
Taake- “Kulde”
Criminal Code- “Salvage”

Honorable mentions:
Spine- "Time Has Gone" // Baptists- “Bloodmines” // Leather- “Easy” // Swans- “To Be Kind” // Creative Adult "Psychic Mess" // At The Gates- “At War With Reality” // YAITW- “When Life Comes To Death” // Happy Diving- “Big World” // Praise- "Lights Went Out" // Raspberry Bulbs- “Privacy” // Code Orange- “I Am King” // Midnight- “No Mercy For Mayhem” // Conan- “Blood Eagle” // Nothing - Guilty of Everything
Eliot M

Run The Jewels- Run The Jewels 2
Fucked Up- Glass Boys
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads- Stay Home
Full Of Hell- Full Of Hell / Merzbow
Homewrecker- Circle Of Death
Torch Runner- Endless Nothing
Old Man Gloom- The Ape Of God
Nothing- Guilty Of Everything
Ex Breathers- EXBX
Cult Leader- Nothing For Us Here
Andrew Gomez

Whirr – Sway
Divider – All Barren
Sneeze – Wilt
David Lapham - Stray Bullets: Killers (comic series)
Braid – No Coast
S – Cool Choices
Shellac – Dude Incredible
Creative Adult – Psychic Mess
Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden

Jeremy McGuire

Northbound - Death of a Slug
Punch - They Don’t Have to Believe
Full of Hell - Full of Hell & Merzbow
Against Me! - True Trans EP
ACxDC - Antichrist Demoncore
Black Mask - Lost Below EP
Torch Runner - Endless Nothing
Homewrecker - Circle of Death
Nothing - Guilty of Everything
Diamond Youth - Shake EP

Honorable Mentions
YAITW - When Life Comes to Death // Frameworks - Loom // Puig Destroyer - Puig Destroyer EP // Post Nothing - There is Something Wrong with Me EP // Fucked Up - Glass Boys // Rebel Scum - Gradually, Everything is Rotting // Illustrations - In Vain // The Banner - Greying
Brett H

Nothing - Guilty of Everything
Renounced - The Melancholy We Ache
Creepoid - S/T
Lust For Youth - International
Code Orange - I Am King
Homewrecker - Circle of Death
At The Gates - At War With Reality
Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God
Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown
Minus The Bear - Lost Loves