Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review:The Coltranes-Cat Of Nine Tails


California punk/hardcore/noise stalwarts The Coltranes have been quite prolific since their inception in late 2009. Along the way, they have evolved into a truely menacing force within the punk scene, playing volatile and energetic live sets that turn the heads of anyone who see's them. I was lucky enough to witness the band in Tampa, Florida earlier this year when they jumped on a local show happening in the area while they were on tour, and after their live show I made it a point to seek out all of their material. Cat Of Nine Tails is the band's latest 4 song EP, and continues down their own unique path of destruction that's also coupled with the best recording of the band to date.

For those unfamiliar, The Coltranes play a very noise rock influenced form of hardcore punk that also happen to be built around some incredibly catchy guitarwork as well. Their sound recalls bands such as The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans and Unsane while still adding their own unpredictable and unique spin on things. Cat Of  Nine Tails rips from from start to finish, and the recording is the best I've heard from any of the bands many releases to date, one that perfectly captures the raw intensity and energy of the band but still with an excellent level of clarity. These recordings also show the band in a more aggressive and intense form than ever before, matching the impressive feeling I got when I saw the band live earlier this year. It's a record that will hopefully turn more people onto the band, and I recommend anyone who is into uncompromising punk music checks this band out immediately. You can download most of their earlier material from their bandcamp ,and preorders for the physical version can be found below via SPHC records.

Preorder "Cat Of Nine Tails" via SPHC Records