Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review:Homewrecker-Circle Of Death


Two years ago when their debut LP Worms And Dirt dropped, Ohio band Homewrecker proved themselves to be one of the heaviest and most devastating bands around, with a blistering combination of holy terror influenced metallic hardcore and powerviolence that had a penchant for immediate impact. It proved to be an insanely potent combination of sounds, and Worms And Dirt received quite a bit of much deserved praise as well as quite a bit of rotation for me personally, and it ended up being one of my most listened to records in 2012.Now in 2014 the band has returned with Circle Of Death, their second LP and first recordings with their new/slightly retooled lineup.

The crushing metallic force that made the band so appealing in the first place is front and center in Circle Of Death, an album filled to the brim with pure destruction and rage. From the opening intro "Forced Under" to the minute of feedback that closes the record, the band lays waste to virtually everything in their path, sharing vocal duties while playing a vicious brand of metallic hardcore that takes equal ques from thrash titans like Slayer as well as the old school death metal sounds of bands such as Bolt Thrower or Obituary, and finally a mixture of hardcore sounds that remind of Integrity's most seminal albums as well as the newer mixture of powerviolence and straight up hardcore that bands such as Weekend Nachos have perfected. This combination of sounds makes for one of the most intense albums of the year in terms of sheer force and weight, one that's also packed with plenty of memorable moments. Much like Worms And Dirt before it, Homewrecker have once again released one of the most engaging metallic hardcore records in 2014, and a most listen for any fan of the genre.