Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Interview: Jami Morgan of Code Orange

How was Code Orange formed and how do you feel about the musical progression of the band as a whole?
Code Orange Kids was formed when we were 14 or 15. We all went to the same high school and were all getting into punk and hardcore and decided to start a band. I feel like the record we are releasing in a few weeks "I Am King" is where i want us to be as a band and is the only thing we have released thus far that completely represents who and what we are and what we wanna be.

Out of the members in Code Orange, who have you been playing music with the longest?
I met Reba when i was 12 so technically her. We have all been playing together for a very long time though. Almost as long as I can remember. My band mates are my best friends and always have been. 

A relatively unique aspect about Code Orange is that you sing while drumming, was it easy for you to pick up the double duty or were there some speed bumps when y’all started playing music together?
It kind of just came out of the fact that I was the only one initially unafraid to do vocals and that I was the one that wrote the lyrics. As everyone got more comfortable with it and started jumping in it was just kind of our mold. There have definitely been bumps along the way but it has always felt natural to me in some capacity. I'm not a great drummer or a great singer so i just put what i got into both and it is what it is.

On September 2nd, you released you second full length under the name “I Am King”. How was the writing/recording process of this album and how was working with Kurt at GodCity again?
The writing process was definitely very different. we spent a lot more time and ditched a lot of songs by the time we got to the final 11. we did two sets of demos - one with Taylor Young in California at The Pit and one at home with our friend Dave Rosenstraus of Hounds of Hate before deciding on what we wanted to do. Basically the second the last record was done we started thinking about this one and the direction we wanted to go with it. The first LP was meant to be a proper summation of what had come before it and this was always intended to be a whole new ball game. Kurt was great to work with. We knew what we wanted and he facilitated that. He respected what we wanted to do and helped us do it to the best of our abilities sonically. He knew we didn't want a producer or someone to help creatively, but more someone to help us get where we were trying to go with sounds, tones and sonic themes.

It seems like as a band gains success, more and more people start to criticize and hate on them. Do you ever find yourself focusing on negative comments people throw out about your band or are you relatively good at blocking negativity out?
People are always going to talk. It is what they do. It has definitely bothered me in the past, especially when i see someone saying something on the internet that I've met in person and they had nothing to say about it then. The internet mentality of saying what you want and not expecting confrontation kind of makes me sick but its something I'm learning to ignore. The thing about it is there are a million different perspectives and a million different meta scenes within one that feel differently about different bands at different times depending on what there friends think. It really only strikes me when it’s something that I'm insecure about, and there is not a lot on this record that i am insecure about. I greatly appreciate and respect the people who have stuck through it with us when there internet friends decided it was or wasn't cool or whatever. i remember the people who have stuck through it. That being said I'm super siked that there are people who simply didn't like the other records that are checking this one out and digging it. That means a lot to me. I have a handful of people whose opinions I truly value and internalize, but we are always going to do exactly what it is we want to do no matter what anyone is saying.

You guys have been using the phrase “Thinners of the Herd” for a while now, could you go into detail on what that means?
Thinners of the herd to us is just a way of distinguishing ourselves from the pack, and basically saying what i said above, we are always going to do exactly what is we want to do whether its calling our band whatever we want to call it at a certain time or making the videos and record that we want to make. it about weeding out people from your life that try to hold you back based on what they think about you or what they think about themselves. we don't want any limits on what it is we are doing creatively or personally an d our record is generally about getting rid of the things inside of yourself and the people around you that try to stifle you from doing what it is you want to do. Becoming king of your own mind and own world and taking hold of it. I've spent a lot of time in my life battling my own perception of myself and others perceptions of me and this record is about the end of that. I like to think that people who like our band and really see it for what it is are Thinners of the Herd. At least in our book.

What could we normally find you guys doing while not on the road?
Joe works construction. Eric works for a bag piping school. Reba work(ed) for a grocery store. i work loading equipment for bands at bigger shows. We are all in the process of getting fired and/or will be getting fired soon. We watch a lot of wrestling and hang out with our group of friends.

It’s relatively common knowledge that most of your band are professional wrestling fans, have you ever routed a tour around being able to make live events?
nah but me and Joe have driven countless hours directly before and after tours to go to them. 16 hours to RAW 1000 after Europe. 30 hour drives to multiple Wrestlemanias. We live it brother.

If you could create a theme for any active WWE professional wrestler, who would it be and why?
Probably Seth Rollins and or Dean Ambrose. I think I am king would work great for Rollins and my world would work great for Ambrose. Still hoping someone over there hears one of our songs at some point. When that happens my lifetime goals will all be fulfilled.

What can we expect from Code Orange late 2014 and beyond? Any new release plans in the works?
Grinding the fuck out of this record as its what we have worked for for the past 2 years and it is fully what we believe in. I AM KING is all that is on the horizon.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, if you have any shout out, comments, or any questions please do so below.
Thanks to you Wayne for consistently supporting us from the beginning and not changing with the tides around you like many others. It means a lot.
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