Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Casa De Diversion: Volume 5 (Update!!)

Extremely excited to announce that there will be a fifth installment of our compilation series. This compilation will return to our roots and feature 100% original music from the artists involved. There will be ZERO covers on the entire thing, so don't expect to hear your favorite Ke$ha song covered by a Powerviolence band.

Information regarding the lineup for the compilation will be coming at a later date, mainly because there are so many lineup changes on these things that I rather not have to make 90 announcements about replacements and whatnot. I can say for a fact that we're shooting for a release on Halloween day with this (Friday, October 31st), so keep an eye out for it!

As always, the compilation will be 100% free for anyone and everyone online.

Artwork by Derek Setzer.
Check out past installments of our compilation series at: casadediversion.bandcamp.com