Friday, July 18, 2014

xFilesx- Excruciation

Year: 2004
Quality: VBR
1. Swallow Your Tounge
2. Head On A stick 
3. Testify
4. Murderin' The Dog
5. Jesus Fish Out Of Water
6. Noise
7. I Hate What I Don't Understand
8. The Odd Couple
9. A Cozy Treat
10. Those Nails How They Rest
11. Blast From The Past
12. STD
13. Excruciation
14. I Wish I Was Worse
15. Fuck 'Em
16. Ay, Guy
17. Crazy
18. God Fearing
19. Unemployment 
20. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Blow Your Brains Out
21. Falling Down
22. Wreck Yourself

Pre-Rival Mob project. Not sure who hasn't heard this band yet, but this is for those of you who have been living under a rock.