Monday, June 23, 2014



Two years ago, Boston based punk/grunge trio Sneeze released I'm Going To Kill Myself, a highly impressive debut LP that turned my head immediately with it's blown out hybrid of 90's "golden era" grunge mixed with pop punk that was heavy both in musical and lyrical content. It was a great record and showed a band with the potential to grow into something really special, and their second LP Wilt delivers on this promise in spades, taking everything that made the band so instantly endearing and refining it to a dagger like sharpness.

While it could arguably be said that the great majority of any punk bands that came after Nirvana's wake have most likely been influenced by the band in one form or another, Sneeze are one of the few band's I've heard that really capture the genuine energy and angst that made all of said band's material so timeless. Wilt's 11 tracks are each standout in their own way and integral to the record as a whole in their own right, filled with plenty of guitarwork that both packs a punch and remains incredibly melodic and undeniably catchy at the same time. The vocals have a similar effect and are a perfect fit,with a snotty and apathetic overtone that still shines through with genuine passion. It's frankly been a while since apathy and angst sounded this sincere and heartfelt.

As more and more bands throughout the last 4-5 years have turned to an undeniably heavy influences in sound from the 90's alternative era, Sneeze really stands out as a band that is not only faithfully carrying the spirit of that sound but moving forward as their own entity as well. Wilt is one of the catchiest and altogether memorable albums that I've heard this year, it's both dark and moody and undeniably catchy and addictive at once. Apathy has never sounded so good.