Thursday, April 10, 2014

Traitor Crucifix-Demo



1.Creed Calcination
2.Eyes Of Ruin
3.Ruptured Plane
4.I Have Wandered (The March Forward)
5.Proclamation (Stand Aside)

It seems I personally have been waiting forever to hear this demo and now the wait is finally over. Traitor Crucifix are a disgustingly heavy and devastating hardcore band from Tampa, Florida featuring members of bands such as Bastard Deceiver, Cellgraft, Faith Addiction, Landbridge and Sacridose among many others. Based on the members previous/other current bands it's no surprise to hear the band completely nail their sound and annihilate worlds on these initial recordings. At just over 10 minutes, the band rips through 5 songs of crushing d-beat influenced hardcore. Imagine Hoax playing a bit faster and with even more of a vicious nature and you'll start to get an idea of where things are heading. This release marks the first of hopefully many from this incredibly promising newer band.