Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review/Stream:Meth Mouth-Waste Of Life


South Florida hardcore/punk band Meth Mouth has returned with their second 7 inch release "Waste Of Life", a crushing 11 song blast of hateful powerviolence played just the way it should be: raw, hard as nails and incredibly bleak. These 11 songs fly by in the blink and an eye and the band destroys everything in their path. Highly recommended for fans of raw and uncompromising hardcore/powerviolence All and all, these new songs show the band moving forward into an even more volatile unit that will be sure to turn many heads in the future. You can stream the release below, and from their bandcamp (linked above) you can also find a free/donation based download, as well as a link to order a physical copy of the 7 inch as well.