Saturday, March 15, 2014

PRE-ORDER: Seventh Circle s/t 7" via Dead Chemists Records.

The illegitimate child of H8000 and Holy Terror, Seventh Circle are Belgium’s ferocious new hardcore export.
The bands self-titled debut EP follows on from their 2013 Demo with seven tracks of unrelenting metallic hardcore; fuelled by the pit-violence of their native Belgian scene and shrouded in the eerie mist of 90’s Cleveland hardcore.
In their short existence the band have racked up a host of shows with the likes of xViciousx, Bun Dem Out, xRepentancex and Wolf Down, and this self-titled release captures their savage live sound perfectly.
‘Seventh Circle’ was recorded at The Art Factory Roeselare, with production, mixing and mastering handled by Marvin Dinneweth. The artwork is by Andy X Vuylsteke (Avengart).

The seven-track EP will receive a much warranted vinyl pressing from UK label DEAD CHEMISTS RECORDS (*Shels, Corrupt Moral Altar, Let It Die, Iron Witch), with a one time pressing on seven-inch vinyl, limited to 250 copies.

Abandon all hope ye who enter, the seventh circle houses the violent.