Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stream:Host-Death Will Claim These Tired Bones

It was a real shame when New Hampshire hardcore unit Host called it quits last year, as the material they had released up to that point was quite promising. Before disbanding, the band recorded an LP that would serve as the final offering from the band, and today it has been released for streaming/donation download via their Bandcamp. Not only do I highly recommend checking this album out if you are a fan of dark crust influenced hardcore bands such as Cursed, His Hero Is Gone and Surroundings, but all the money from bandcamp donations the band receives will be going to an incredibly good cause as well, as you can read straight from the band themselves:

"Dearly Valued "Fan", 

Unlike prior releases this will not be downloadable for free. Are we greedy, capitalist sellouts? Maybe... 
But actually all proceeds from this album will be going to help a friend in need with some seriously expensive medical costs. Learn more about Ana's struggle here: 

A large amount of money has already been raised in an effort to help Ana survive her pancreatitis liver failure, however it is mere pennies in contrast to the overwhelming cost of treatment. 

Please help out and buy this album! 

(Hint: the minimum price is much lower if you just go ahead and buy the whole album, but feel free to donate however much you would like)



You can stream the album via bandcamp below, and please consider donating to a great cause!