Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review:Shin To Shin-Self Titled LP


In recent years, the 90's metallic hardcore sound has seen quite the resurgence in popularity, through the efforts of newer bands such as Xibalba and Xaphan giving their modern take on the sound and also through classic genre originators such as Integrity and Ringworm finding themselves more active and prolific than they have been in years. It's with perfect timing indeed then that  unveils the debut LP from Shin To Shin, a solo project composed and performed almost entirely by Aaron "A2" Melnick, the drumming being the one exception. For those unfamiliar with Melnick, he's spent decades crafting some of the best riffs in metallic hardcore. From his time spent as the lead guitarist in Integrity where he contributed the insanely influential guitarwork in essential albums such as Systems Overload and Humanity Is The Devil, not to mention his hand in In Cold Blood and his various other musical ventures. It's easy to get excited thinking about a whole LP crafted by Melnick, and Shin To Shin's self titled debut LP delivers on that excitement in spades.

Throughout it's 8 song, 22 minute duration, Shin To Shin's debut is stacked to the brim with some of the hardest and finest riffs metallic hardcore has seen in sometime, unsurprising considering the pedigree of it's mastermind. Sounding like an unholy amalgamation of his previous band's, it's clear that Melnick spent alot of time crafting these tracks before laying them down to tape, and the end result is a collection of songs that embodies the best part's of 90's metallic hardcore in calculated blasts of fury, while not afraid to stray from the confines of that genre as well. A perfect example of this is album closer "Maia", a beautiful and haunting closing instrumental that almost feels like a reflection on the carnage that it follows.

Shin To Shin's debut full length not only meets the lofty expectations that come with who's involved, it far surpasses them. One can only hope that perhaps Melnick will find a few backing members and bring these exceptional songs to a live setting. Regardless, this is a top notch collection of metallic hardcore songs that are an essential listen for anyone even slightly interested in the genre, and comes highly recommended to say the least.

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