Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Draize- Self Titled

Year: 2014
Quality: 320kbps
1. Thick
2. New Nightmare
3. Degenerate 
4. Enemy
5. To The Bone
6. Tapped Wire
Let me start off this write up to say that I was extremely late to the Draize party. I've been hearing this bands name thrown around for years but for some reason I never too the time to check them out, which after listening to the bands newest EP was extremely stupid of me.

Blistering fast hardcore band out of Boston, MA with the occasional heavy breakdown for you fist clinching mosh warriors to go off on. EP clocks in at 10 minutes flat, with the "all killer no filler" I love about fast hardcore records. Highly encourage for any fan of Hardcore/Punk to check this out, I know Powerviolence isn't for everyone, but this band may be the exception to your hate bubble.

You're familiar with Bad Teeth Recordings and their back catalog of releases, so you know this will be good right off the bat.