Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Song Premiere: DROUGHTS - Deaf Grin

In case you've been sleeping under a rock (or, like I've been the last few months--busy as hell), Droughts is an emotional hardcore band from Chicago-era. Pulling influences from what seems to be literally every style of alternative music, they've created masterpieces twice-over already (Once, with their Unmoved EP, secondly with their Split with William Bonney), and are going for a solid third. This song, "Deaf Grin," isn't a reinvention of the Droughts wheel, but is actually more stylistically in sync with Unmoved. All that to say: this song kicks ass like Droughts always has, and I'm more excited than anyone that they're getting the recognition they deserve.

This is an incredible split, as you've no doubt already known of it, and Droughts being on it makes my heart so happy, I could cry tears of gold. Wonderful release from one of the best bands in the nation, and one of my personal favorites.