Thursday, December 5, 2013

SONG PREMIERE: Die Young- Chosen Path

After a four year hiatus, Texas powerhouse DIE YOUNG return with a brand new EP entitled "Chosen Path". Die Young entered the studio this past November to record this EP which is full of brand new material and revisiting two older tracks they wanted to to reconquer for a split 7" with Brazil's Confronto. Below is a rough mix of the title track of the upcoming "Chosen Path" EP - recorded at Origin Sound in Spring, TX (Bitter End, Venomous Maximus, Iron Age, Will to Live, etc) with Craig Douglas overseeing engineering.

The "Chosen Path" EP is set for an early 2014 vinyl release in the U.S. via Headfirst! Records and on CD in South America by Vegan Records. details for the vinyl release in Europe via Ugly and Proud Records to be announced at a later date.

Chosen Path
Each choice made
A step towards my fate
A journey that cannot be undone
To live with the weight of my mistakes
And grow stronger as I carry on
The days of lashing out at everything
And biting the hand that feeds
Only wore me down
Now I'm left to reap what I had sown

Perhaps I've felt this broken before
Losing battles and losing the war
To stand in the fire and feel its burn
Suffer 'til there's nothing left to learn

What else can one do?

Keep breathing
Keep pushing
Keep lifting through the pain

Through years of trial and error
You learn to see things a little bit clearer
No matter how the world unravels,
The greatest war to be won
Is within yourself

"This is the path you chose"
And there's no turning back

So now I must collect myself
Pick up the pieces of shattered dreams
And learn the way of grace:
To make use of suffering

Each choice made - a step towards fate
A journey that can't be undone

Keep breathing
Keep pushing
Keep lifting through the pain
Keep living
Keep loving
In spite of everything.