Monday, November 11, 2013

Review:Noothgrush/Coffins-Split LP


Here we have a split of absolutely epic proportions: the first new material from sludge powerhouse Noothgrush in over a decade, as well as two crushing contributions from Japanese death metal band Coffins, coming together to make up one of the most ludicrously heavy split releases to drop this year.

Lets start with the 3 new Noothgrush songs. Noothgrush are widely known as one of the heaviest and darkest bands in existence, and their recent resurgence with none other than Dystopia vocalist Anthony "Dino" Sommese has been an exciting revelation to say the least. When I caught the band live at a miami punk festival in July of last year, his vocals molded to their material perfectly and together forged what might be the bleakest incarnation of the band to date, if these three crushing tracks from their side of the split is anything to go by. Unrelentingly dark and heavy, their side of the split lumbers along at a glacial pace but delivers it's blows with the force of a sledgehammer, annihilating all in it's path through a fury of pure hate and nihilism. It's clear that this band never missed a beat in their time apart, and it's a truely amazing treat for all doom/sludge metal fans to have them active again. One can only hope that there is more new material to come.

On the other side of the split we have Coffins, another one of the absolute heaviest bands out there right now. Their noisy and sludge influenced brand of death/doom metal is as raw as it gets, and the two songs they contribute serve as the perfect end piece to one of the most unrelentingly intense split LP's in quite sometime. These two bands end up being a perfect fit for one another, and one cannot help but be very excited for the hope of new material from both bands in the coming year. Noothgrush's return has been long awaited in metal/punk circles and the wait was well worth it indeed, while Coffins continue on their path of destruction in crafting some of the heaviest death metal yet to be seen. A mandatory listen for anyone into heavy music period, and one of the best splits to come out in an already incredible year, this is most definitely not to be missed.