Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Nachos- Still CS (Preorders)

Chicago, IL Powerviolence dads WEEKEND NACHOS are extremely excited to bring forth their brand new full length entitled "STILL". The forthcoming full length will see an early November release through Toxicbreed's Funhouse (Cassette), Relapse Records (CD/Digital), and Deep Six Records (Vinyl). We are extremely excited and honored to be doing the cassette release of this album. First press copies are limited to 250 on Nacho Orange shells (200 of which will be available online/50 available from the band at shows this fall & winter).

Preorders for our cassette release are now available over on our Storenvy page. While CD preorders are now available on the Relapse Records website. If you're ordering a tape through us, don't forget to also snag a Mother Brain "Straight To Business" tape.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL FOLKS: We're super sorry about the shipping rates for anything outside of the US, but there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. Blame the postal service, not us.

Make sure to catch WEEKEND NACHOS on their upcoming tour dates, they will have copies of their tape release on them:
Oct 18 Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge w/ Obituary
Nov 08 Chicago, IL Fallout Shelter w/ Spine
Nov 10 Detroit, MI 20483 Yonka w/ Spine, Freedom and Dead Church
Nov 11 Erie PA Basement Transmissions w/ spine, Hellsent, Wasted Blood, Purge and Unstitched
Nov 12 Washington D.C. Chef Tony’s w/ Spine, Sick Fix, Thick Skin and Genocide Pact
Nov 13 Philadelphia, PA Golden Tea House w/ Spine, Backslider and Congenital Death
Nov 14 New York, NY Abc No Rio w/ Spine, Vice and Damaged Goods
Nov 14 Island Park, NY No Fun Club (LATE SHOW!) w/ Spine, Jukai, Detriment, Budd Dwyer and The Fanboys
Nov 15 Boston, MA The Democracy Center w/ Spine, Curmudgeon
Nov 16 Toronto, ON NOT DEAD YET FEST (Spine plays the matinee)
Nov 17 Cleveland, OH T.B.A. w/ Spine
Nov 30 Chicago, IL Metro Chicago
Dec 14 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre