Monday, September 30, 2013

OUT NOW: SPINE/THE REPOS Split 7" (Review + Download)


As the end of the year nears closer, it seems we still have quite a few impressive hardcore releases to look forward to, including this excellent split between hardcore warriors Spine and The Repos. Each band rips through 4 tracks of some of their best material laid to tape yet as well as closing out each of their sides with a cover of the other band. Spine continues to impress with the same punishing brand of fast hardcore that they displayed on their excellent demo and "Subhuman" release. They are quickly becoming one of the most vicious bands out right now and this new material has me even more anxious to hear their forthcoming LP dropping on Youth Attack next year. The Repos have always been an awesome band their side of the split proves that is still very much the case. Their furious punk energy is a great counterbalance to Spine's more straightforward hardcore approach, and as such this split begs to be put on repeat indefinitely. Put simply: Any fan of sincere punk and hardcore owes it to themselves to give this split from two great bands a listen ASAP, and thanks to Bad Teeth Recordings, you can download a copy to hear right now from the link below, as well as check out another link to order a physical copy of the split, so enjoy and pick one up if you dig it, which is almost certain.