Monday, September 9, 2013

Review:Badblood-End Me


California band Badblood has been churning out some of the heaviest crust influenced metallic hardcore since their inception a few years ago, and their new release End Me finds them offering up their most intense recordings to date. This EP finds the band bringing together the crusty hardcore sounds of bands like His Hero Is Gone mixed with the crushing and miserable sounding sludge of bands such as Corrupted and Eyehategod to great effect. The 3 songs on this release never let up and continue to deliver one insanely heavy section after the next. This is also by far the best sounding recordings the band has released to date. All 3 of these songs have their standout moments, and the band never lets up in their outright intensity throughout making for a very cohesive listening experience that deserves many repeated listens. Fans of the newer breed of heavier metallic hardcore bands on the rise such as Dead In The Dirt, Homewrecker and Weekend Nachos owe it to themselves to check this release out (streaming below via bandcamp). It should be mentioned as well that you can also download the rest of the band's material via bandcamp on a pay what you want basis as well. I am very much looking forward to hearing a full length from Badblood, and suspect that they will continue to turn heads if the material on this EP is any impression to go by.