Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review:No Sir-The Future Is Bright


California hardcore/punk band No Sir left quite a mark with their debut EP Holy Land two years ago, and now they return with their debut LP The Future Is Bright, and it's bound to turn quite a few heads as it's a step up from their previous work in every regard as well as one of the most dynamic and musically diverse hardcore albums of the year. Featuring members of Creative Adult and Sabertooth Zombie and hailing from the same bay area hardcore scene that has spawned many of the most forward thinking bands of this punk generation, the band has absolutely nailed down their own sound with this release.

Opening with the almost post-rock like intro/title track, the album then explodes into "The Crowd" and maintains a raw intensity throughout the rest of the album. Drawing influence from many of their peers as well as channeling diverse and musically challenging 90's staples such as The Melvins and Nirvana, the band keeps things consistently interesting and downright surprising at every turn. No song on this album is similar to the last, from the raging one a half minute blast of "C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A." to the following morose and downright depressing track "Anxiety Consumption", one of my personal favorites off the record. Throughout there are plenty of memorable moments and the album as a whole gets better and better with each repeat listen. The recording itself is also of note, helmed by Jack Shirley of Atomic Gardens, it's an organic/warm recording that perfectly captures the bands raw intensity while still maintaining just the right amount of clarity needed to pick out everything individually.

While many bands are content with simply copying their influences to a T or relegating themselves to whatever is hyped at the moment, it's refreshing to see a band really take the hardcore/punk sound to new and interesting places and show an unafraid attitude towards pushing the boundaries of the genre and exploring new and interesting sounds. The Future Is Bright is an excellent LP and simply one of the most musically interesting punk records of the year, and is absolutely recommended for anyone looking for something new and sincerely fresh. Below you can find a stream of the entire LP via their bandcamp as well as a links to purchase the record, out now on Twelve Gauge Records.

Purchase "The Future Is Bright" Via Hellfish