Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review:Nervous-Self Titled LP


Nervous are a new band from Oakland, California comprised of members from notable bands such as Big Kids, Lewd Acts and Loma Prieta among others, though their sound strays pretty far from the members previous bands. Channeling 90's greats Nirvana in a huge and extremely respectable way as well as earlier staples such as The Pixies and The Wipers, their debut self titled LP brings something to the table that those bands did so well and so many bands nowadays are most of the time unable to sincerely connect with:genuine angst and apathy that washes over you as you listen and will keep you fully attentive from the beginning of this outstanding record until the very end. 

After the hungover yawn that starts off opening track "Good Morning", the band quicky explodes with a unbelievably frantic nature spearheaded by vocalist/guitarist Jake Spek, who's unhinged vocals and undeniably catchy guitarwork are a definite standout throughout the record. While the apathetic and downright depressing lyrical content might suggest otherwise, the band marches forward at a brisk pace for the majority of the record, turning the obvious anxiety behind these songs outward and building it into an almost anthem like quality. It's hard not to imagine any crowd not losing their mind and feverishly singing along to these songs when they are played live, as they both contain the aggression found and appreciated in many of their bay area peers while still remaining unbelievably catchy and compelling. Lengthier tracks on the album such as standout "Satire For A Vampire" showcase songwriting chops that are extremely compelling, reminding me of the manic approach bands like The Jesus Lizard so perfectly encompassed in it's frantic and unpredictable nature. This sporadic yet still fully focused approach will constantly keep you guessing whats next. One thing is for sure, and that is from start to finish this album is filled with tons of memorable guitarwork and vocal parts that will remain stuck in your head long after you hear them.

A band debuting with an LP can sometimes be a daunting task, but Nervous has absolutely nailed it with this self titled release. Any fan of the above aforementioned bands and the sounds that they crafted during their prime years owes it to themselves to check this record out immediately. It's a perfect death of summer record and one that will most likely have you hooked upon the first listen.The album is set to drop in September, in the meantime you can preorder the record from Twelve Gauge Recordings as well as stream the first two songs from the release below. Stay bummed.