Friday, August 16, 2013



Here we have something that is an incredibly special piece of hardcore history. For those unfamiliar, Bl'ast! are one of the most noteworthy 80's hardcore bands, one who at the time pushed the punk/hardcore genre's boundaries to it's limits and beyond with their complex and chaotic musical compositions. Earlier this year, their guitarist contacted Southern Lord with the news that he had unearthed some recordings that never saw the light of day. As luck would had it, the one and only Dave Grohl enthusiastically agreed to mix these captured recordings that had been sitting around for literally two and a half decades. The result of this is nothing less than astonishing, as now we have been given the gift of a new Bl'ast! full length to appreciate and enjoy.

For those unfamiliar with the band's music, imagine Black Flag's My War era sound taken to an even further level: Chaotic and heavily metal influenced hardcore punk filled with many memorable moments and shredding guitar riffs. The band maintains a relentless level of intensity throughout that shows a reflection of their often spoken about and notoriously intense live shows. Listening to these songs, it's very easy to see the profound influence the band would have on the many that followed in their wake. Thanks to Dave Grohl's astounding new mix of this material, these songs sound unbelievably vibrant,fresh and clear, especially considering the master recording tapes sat collecting dust for so long. The band has frankly never sounded nearly this good on recording, and it is an absolute pleasure to hear these songs in such a fresh and vibrant fashion.

Kudos to Southern Lord Records and all involved in making this record a reality, as now the new generation of hardcore/punk fans and older fans alike can appreciate a band that continues to make their mark. And with word of a new lineup and a brand new record in the future, things are looking very promising indeed. Not only is Blood! a legitimate piece of hardcore history, but it is also a damn fine album on it's own merit and an essential listen for all fans of hardcore.