Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review:Centuries-Taedium Vitae


Since 2008, South Florida's Centuries have been a force to be reckoned with as well as a staple of the Florida hardcore scene. Their crusty and dark brand of metallic hardcore brings to mind overseas bands such as Celeste, Martyrdod and Rise And Fall in it's crushing intensity and colossal walls of noise. Without the help of a bigger label, the band has managed to tour the US and Europe multiple times and gain a solid amount of supporters along the way, so it was no surprise to me when Southern Lord picked the band up earlier this year for the release of their debut full length Taedium Vitae, and after countless listens to the LP, it's a choice they won't be regretting, as it's by far the band's finest work to date.

After the ominous opening intro track, the band rips straight into their brand of crushing dark hardcore with a visceral amount of urgency and energy. Faster blackened d-beat sections flow into slow and sludgey breaks before picking right back up again at a moments notice, never resting on the same riff or section for too long. Many bands of this style rely on long, drawn out songs but Centuries embrace brevity on this record to great success:the band delivers exactly what you want to hear with no filler or any chance of a certain section overwearing it's welcome. It's this short and sweet nature of the songs that makes the band's colossal blasts of dark metallic hardcore all the more intense, with only one track on the record surpassing the 3 minute mark and the entire 9 song LP clocking in at just over 20 minutes, the band has created a refreshingly brief record compared to most of the similar style, and it works in the bands favor as you'll be immediately drawn to repeat listens as the songs immediately stick each with their own memorable moments. The recording is also a huge step up for the band as well, perfectly capturing the raw intensity of their vicious live performances with more clarity than ever before.

Being from Florida myself, the punk and hardcore scene here is one of the only things that bring pride to my mind when the state is mentioned, and Centuries have long been one of it's brightest stars. It's outstanding that they have finally been picked up by a hard working label putting out some of the best extreme music right now, and they have delivered an album that stands far and wide those releases and some of the best of the year in general. One of the Florida's best kept hardcore secrets is about to turn heads all over the world, and it's about goddamn time.