Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review:All Pigs Must Die-Nothing Violates This Nature


As far as all star bands go, it's hard to top the pedigree on display in All Pigs Must Die. Consisting of the vocalist known for his work in hardcore staple The Hope Conspiracy and Bars, as well as the drummer from the almighty Converge and the guitarist and bassist of sludge powerhouse Bloodhorse,  it's hard not to get incredible excited about the forces coming together here, and frankly unwise. After a stellar EP in 2010 and their crushing full length debut God Is War a year later, the band has returned with their second LP on Southern Lord entitled Nothing Violates This Nature, and it serves as a continuation of the bloody rampage the band has been on from their inception with no signs of slowing down in sight.

For those unfamiliar with the band, All Pigs Must Die play a brand of crust influenced metallic hardcore that is unrelenting and vicious to say the very least. Nothing Violates This Nature continues that tradition in kind, crashing right out the gate with opening track Chaos Arise and not letting up in intensity through it's 10 song duration. Vocalist Kevin Baker's vocals are again top notch and relentless in their intensity, and they perfectly match the assault the expert execution provided by the rhythm section. Again, as with their last full length God Is War, the band really hits a sweet spot with me on their slower songs/sections. Album standout "Bloodlines" opens with haunting clean guitar before moving into a vicious mid-paced section that is sure to rile up any crowd to the point of nuclear warfare. Following track "Of Suffering" , the lengthiest song and slow paced midpoint of the record, anchors a crushing sludge section on a surprisingly melodic riff that seethes and also builds into a incredibly intense ending, something this band is especially great at. Things mostly stay on the faster end of the spectrum for the rest of the record, and there are plenty of memorable moments to be found. Once again recording with Kurt Ballou of God City Studios/Converge fame, the band again attains the perfect recording to match their unbridled intensity.

Once again, All Pigs Must Die have delivered a scathing full length of intense metallic hardcore that further cements their presence as one of the top tier bands in extreme metal. Nothing Violates This Nature falls in line with the band's previous releases and when your a band churning out some of the best metallic hardcore there is to offer, you'll see no complaints from me. Fans of the band have no doubt already been anticipating this release with fever pitch, and if you haven't heard the band yet, now is the perfect time to start paying attention. Kudos to Southern Lord Records for releasing yet another outstanding hardcore/metal release.