Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review: The Sheds- I'll Be Fine

The Sheds debut album, "I'll Be Fine" is a pop punk record, but not THAT kind of pop punk. Throwing out the stigmatized idea of the Defend Pop Punk bandwagon, The Sheds bring a return to Fat Wreck Chords and early Epitaph with a sound that is a mix of bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Less Than Jake (sans horns), Lagwagon and Propaghandi. Rather than being a carbon copy of "Sticks and Stones" by New Found Glory with 10 songs of letters and notes to ex-girl friends; The Sheds have a more introspective approach as vocalist Mac Miller (no not the rapper) writes about issues that actually hold merit. Issues range from speaking about how many bands lose their DIY ethics in "Almost Famous" (one of my favorites on the album as it is one of the most experimental) to songs like "You'll Be Fine" the albums closer which is my actual favorite on the album, while beginning slow and somber, it picks up into a catchy and melodious song that is perfect as a closer and lyrically ties the album together. And yes, while this is a pop punk album, "I'll Be Fine" still has some moments where other genres shine through since the bands collective music taste ranges from Ska to Metal and Hardcore as showcased on "Bad Things Are Bad" which features more hardcore or metalcore parts than pop punk. While this is not the average type of post for the site, "I'll Be Fine" is an album that should be listened to as The Sheds have had a long time coming to this point in their career. No they aren't a Title Fight rip off or trying to cash-in on the 90's grunge revival coming back, The Sheds have carved a niche in combining all of their influences and collective music tastes to create an album that ebbs and flows smoothly and is as intricately written as it is catchy. If you like any of the bands listed above and are tired of all the cookie-cutter emo/ melodic hardcore pop punk bands then this is the album for you.

Rating: 4/5
This album is incredibly solid and I have been humming some of the choruses and guitar parts but it isn't a 5 (which in this context for a band like this would be like Saves The Day's "Through Being Cool")

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7.26 - St. Petersburg, FL
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7.30 - Cincinnati, OH
7.31 - Milwaukee, WI
8.02 - Dallas, TX
8.03 - San Antonio, TX
8.04 - Houston, TX

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