Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review:Plagues-Perfect State


If you are looking for some vicious and energetic metallic hardcore, look no further: Southern California's Plagues just released their debut EP for Glory Kid Records and to say it's an absolute fucking rager would be an understatement. Clocking in at roughly 12 minutes, Plagues rip through the 6 songs on this EP with the intent of a band on a mission of total destruction. Melding the sounds of powerviolence and 90's influenced metallic hardcore is something this band has already grown quite proficient at in their steady stream of releases, and this EP finds them at the top of their game on all fronts. Small flourishes make sure that each of these songs sound unique apart from the rest, such as the melodic guitar intro on "Third Helix" (reminding me of Converge's classic "First Light" opener in the best way possible) or the crusty hardcore influenced riffs that follow the intense intro of album standout "Falter" that bring to mind Tragedy at their finest. Each song has it's own standout moments however, and this proves to be an EP that shows an incredible amount of promise from an up and coming band that is sure to turn heads. I'm most definitely looking forward to whatever the band may put out next as well as hopefully catching them live in the near future, and experience I'd imagine is quite intense. Overall, fans of heavy hardcore would be unwise not to check out this great record. Along with the purchase link provided below I have also included a link to a full stream of the EP as well (courtesy of cvltnation).

Stream "Perfect State" In Full Via Cvltnation.com
Purchase "Perfect State" via Glorykid Records