Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review:Mammoth Grinder-Underworlds


Well, holy hell. No sooner did I think the Texas crossover assault of 2013 was over and done with with the release of the outstanding new Power Trip LP Manifest Decimation that I open up my email inbox to a review copy of one of the most anticipated LP's of the year, Mammoth Grinder's immaculate new 10 song LP Underworlds. Underworlds has been a long time coming and the wait was worth every single second. These 10 songs are the heaviest and most dynamic material the band has served up to date. It serves as a culmination of all of the sounds the band has explored previously in their past releases, from the raging hardcore punk fury of Rage and Ruin and No Results to the punishing straight up death metal of Extinction Of Humanity and their split with fellow Texas powerhouse Hatred Surge. It is in this focused and developed sound that Mammoth Grinder have really hit their stride: These songs are likely to incite just as much hard moshing as headbanging and everything inbetween.

Storming right out the gate with the opening title track from the album, the band constructs a sound that takes the metallic hardcore of Leeway, the crusty d-beat fury of Discharge and the hardened death metal attack of bands such as Entombed and turns it into a dynamic listening experience that is immediately gripping and impossible to ignore. Devoid of any interludes, sound samples or other needless filler, the band serves up a seemingly unlimited number of amazing riffs that will be stuck with you for days on end. The vocals are heavily distorted and soaked in reverb, a perfect combination that helps to set the raw and atmospheric tone of the record. Mammoth Grinder are a true bastion of the school of no gimmicks and no bullshit: The band simply serves 10 of the best metal/hardcore songs heard in recent memory and rips through them like they were born to do it. In fact, this is obviously a record made by a band in their prime, and the pure determination and focus at which they weave their craft is something to be truely admired.

It's been a long, almost agonizing wait for Underworlds, but the wait will soon be over for the general public and I am hear to tell you that it's been more than worth it. It took me a while to come up with the exact words to describe how good this record is but like with many things, it's just something that you need to hear for yourself to understand. Texas has always had a stronghold on crossover/metallic hardcore and it seems that crown will remain for some time to come. Underworlds will be dropping July 23rd on CD/LP/Digital Download via 20 Buck Spin Records.

Stream "Paragon Pusher" Via Invisible Oranges here