Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Power Trip- Manifest Decimation: Exclusive Interview + Stream

We are extremely excited to bring you this exclusive interview with Riley from Texas based Thrash wizard's POWER TRIP. The bands debut full length entitled "Manifest Decimation" is officially out TODAY via Southern Lord Recordings. Check out our interview with Riley and a stream of the full album below! 

TBFH: Manifest Decimation is officially on the street as of today, so far it has received incredibly positive responses from those who have had the chance to check it out. As a band what did you guys set out to accomplish with Manifest Decimation? 
Riley: I don't think we set out to accomplish anything than put out a record we were all collectively proud of. Most of us, with the exception of drummer Chris Ulsh, haven't ever recorded a full length before. We just wanted it to be good, to us. 

TBFH: Where was the album recorded and what was everyone’s mindset going into recording the album? 

Riley: It was recorded between Philadelpa, PA, and Denton, TX, with Arthur Rizk and Daniel Schmuck, respectively. The only mindset was to make a kick ass album that would (hopefully) make people want to headband and commit random acts of violence. 

TBFH: Musically, how do you feel about the growth of the band since day one? 
Riley: We've just gotten better as a whole. Blake and I were very young (16 & 22) when we started the band. If you listen to our releases from the demo and through MD, you can see where we started out as kids who clearly loved crossover/metallic hardcore, but fumbled around with it more than played it well. Now we've learned to actually write some heavy music without needing all using influences as an obvious crutch. We've found ourselves as musicians, songwriters, etc., and just gotten better at it. I feel like we still have room to grow, too. 

TBFH: This album lands as your debut album as Southern Lord artists. How did working with Greg and crew come about and how has your experience as SL artists been so far? 

Riley: It's been great. Two of Greg's friends, Sam Velde, who does Power of The Riff, and the riffman himself, Todd Jones, just put in the good word to Greg that we were worth checking out. He did, liked the songs he heard a lot, and that was that. He locked us down as quickly as he could. So far, it's exceeded every expectation I have had. 

TBFH: It seems like you guys have been touring a lot more compared to years past, do you foresee Power Trip becoming a relatively full time touring band? 
Riley: To be honest, it's a maybe. We'll see. I'm 27 now, and I don't ever look too far into the future. I mean, I've got decades of touring left in me. I still want to see the world and I feel like the only way I'll do that is with this band. But grinding it on tours to try and make a living is fucking tough, you have to be at that shit for close to ten years before you really reap the benefits. I have two dogs at home. I want to go back to school eventually. I've actually got a million unforeseeable goals in my life and plenty of them involve Power Trip. But touring the majority of the year as opposed to a few months to keep things fresh... I won't know until I get there. I try not to be a selfish guy. If the people demand it, then so be it. 

TBFH: If so, where would you like to tour in the future? 
Riley: Everywhere. Space. 

TBFH: Now onto some more personal questions, what was your first hardcore/metal show you attended and what was the first album you purchased? 
Riley: I think my first full-on, self-aware-that-im-attending-a-hardcore-show was probably American Nightmare and Glassjaw, or Strike Anywhere & Good Riddance, both were at the old Galaxy club in Dallas, I believe they both happened in 2002. I had been to lots of punk and metal shows around that time, and it was so long ago and I have such a bad memory, it's hard to say what was the exact first gig. I think the Bad Brains ROIR CD was the first hardcore record I purchased, but at the time I thought they were "just" a punk band. I was 16, and my aunt in California bought it for me. 

TBFH: In a year where it seems like there are a million new bands every week, what newer/young bands have been keeping your attention as a listener? 
Riley: I don't know when the window closes on "new/young" bands, but this is what popped into my mind: Back to Back from Houston. Keep an eye out for them. Mean, sarcastic, and they rip. Straight up USHC. Violent Reaction from the UK is phenomenal. HOAX is still a really compelling band to me. I saw lots of stuff at Chaos that got me so stoked, but it would take too long to discuss them all. Wiccans. Impalers. Magic Circle. Infernoh. Minus. Kromosom. Cleric. Satan's Satyrs, Sick Piliot. New Hatred Surge is my favorite record so far this year. 

TBFH: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, if you have any final words feel free to add below. 
Riley: Toxicbreed has been backing us since day 1 and hasn't stopped... So for that, and anyone reading this, buying our album, stealing it, whatever... THANK YOU.