Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review:Power Trip-Manifest Decimation


As the middle of the year approaches, one of the most anticipated/talked about releases on the horizon is Manifest Decimation, the debut full length from Texas crossover powerhouse Power Trip. After having the immense pleasure of listening to a review copy constantly for the past week, it has become clear that this is not only a record that is going to live up to the somewhat immense hype building in hardcore communities across the country, it's going to surpass it and turn the heads of any hardcore and metal fan within earshot that isn't already in the know.

For those unaware, Power Trip are a band from Texas that perfectly meld the glory period of crossover thrash with punishing hardcore that have made quite a name for themselves in the past 3 years through a series of excellent releases as well as building notoriety from their intense and downright insane live shows. Manifest Decimation is the culmination of these years of hard work, and it definitely shows as these are by far the most intense batch of songs the band has written thus far. From the opening title track, the production is an immediate standout, with reverb soaked vocals and instruments that serve as a perfect pairing to the crossover madness the band perfectly executes. This opening track as well the 7 that follow are each their own beast entirely, massive pieces of music filled with ridiculously catchy riffs and ripping solos that will stay stuck in your head for days. While it's hard to pick a standout, two of my personal favorite tracks are "Crossbreaker", which opens in a downright menacing fashion with just bass and drums before bringing in one of the finest riffs the song has to offer, not to mention the rerecording of their awesome contribution to the America's Hardcore compilation "Hammer Of Doubt" that closes out the record in perfect fashion. It's hard for me to talk about one song without mentioning the standout elements of others however, as every song on this LP is an integral part of the overall listening experience.

Manifest Decimation is a massive beast of a record that takes no prisoners and will most definitely have you reaching for the repeat button upon it's end, assuming you can stop headbanging long enough to accomplish that. It's another standout hardcore/metal record in a year that has already been quite generous as far as standout releases go, and one that is more than worthy of the still building hype that it continues to accumulate. I have no doubt that this when this record drops June 11th, it will likely and deservedly become one of the most talked about extreme records this year, and with great reason.

Stream the first song/title track off "Manifest Decimation" Below: