Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: GETS WORSE- Negative 7", Hygiene Records/Evil Purple Bastard Records, 2013


This album had me pumped since the first second that the guitar tone hit me. Before going into my review of Gets Worse's brand new 7" entitled "NEGATIVE", I want to say that if The Afternoon Gentlemen had an older brother in jail for murder, that older brother would be Gets Worse. Haven't heard The Afternoon Gentlemen? Well, fuck you then. You are a poser and therefore not my friend.

Now, the review. God damn is this band heavy. You know how the English just fucking know their shit when it comes to metal and grindcore? Well, this just rubs that in your face even more so. It's almost like they don't even need to try just runs through the blood in their veins not unlike the alcohol they consume starting at 9:30 AM every morning.

The opening track, "Negative PV...Too Much Talk" begins with an open note that, as previously mentioned, introduces the guitar tone. FUCKING MENACING!!! I seriously said to myself "the entire rest of this record could be a 6 1/2 minute Macy Gray song and I would still be pumped". Thankfully, what followed was not some fake alternative soulful R & B bullshit but rather a very angry, very furious powerviolence attack. The songs all feature multiple vocal stylings that pleasantly surprise you during each listen, which makes sense to me considering Rich from The Afternoon Gentlemen is drumming in this. Those vocals are accompanied by delightful riffage and solid drumming all throughout the record. I will say that this band is not quite as tight as some other English grindcore that I've heard in my years as an extreme rock and roller, but that adds to the old school feel that I get from "Negative" and therefore I consider it a positive aspect of the album. What would Carcass have been without Ken Owen's occasional imperfections, right? Now, I have alluded to grindcore numerous times during this writeup so far but I would like to point out that this is NOT a metal record in my opinion. It is very punk and very hardcore influenced which is what I fucking love about powerviolence. GETS WORSE are pissed and apathetic towards whatever you have to say, which is the attitude that sends shivers up and down my spine when I hear a newer band.

The only real criticism I have for this record is that the first song, which clocks in at 2:26, is a little too long which can be harmful when getting things started out, especially when the rest of the songs are under a minute long. Once the record really gets going, though, it's over before you know it and then I almost find myself wishing the songs were either longer or that there were more of them. It's a lot like the weather...during the winter all you want is for it to be hot and during the summer all you want is for it to be cold. So...thanks for calling me out, GETS WORSE, I truly feel like a whiney little wuss of an American now.

I am still a rather inexperienced record reviewer so I'm going to just end this by saying that this 7" is fucking excellent. It is very heavy, very fast, very pissed and very raging. THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE.

1. Negative PV...Too Much Talk
2. Excessive Bullshit
3. Scabs
4. Neighborhood Ninja
5. Pessimist
6. Positive PV?
7. Stubborn