Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: ABUSE- A New Low 7" Hygiene Records, 2013

In my opinion, this really is not your average powerviolence album. Let's just start off by focusing on the strengths of this great debut 7" from Raleigh, NC's ABUSE.

First off, I want to say that it's always nice to be introduced to a band through SHORT songs. All 10 tracks on this slab are very quick and over before you know it which really allows for the record to flow nicely from start to finish. That is definitely something I look for and I really love the way this track listing is put together.

The opening track, "Bible Belt", immediately welcomes you with a weird riff that almost reminds me of the intro to Corrosion of Conformity's "Eye For An Eye" know what riff I'm talking about, don't ya? If not...find out, dick. Anyways, this was a bit of a strange way to begin the album because there is not a single other part on the record that expands on that notion at all...whatever, I'll take it anyways!

From then on, you get attention-span-lacking powerviolence in its purest form...loud, fast, pissed. This record really does not stop and I like that. There are no long bass intros or dramatic instrumental parts...this record just keeps hurting all throughout, which leads me to believe that these guys have a lot of energy that they MUST expel from their bodies. Again...I'll take it!!!

Another strength about this record are the riffs accompanied by cool transitions, one of which can be found in "Preprogrammed". My favorite part on the whole record is at around 6 seconds into this jam when the band decides to randomly throw in an ill-timed drum lead-in to a push mosh part but you just gotta hear it doesn't sound right at first and then you realize just how right it is. I don't know about you but I get a beautiful pleasure from little things like this!

I'm not going to do a play by play with each song title but overall, this record is a combination of fast and a little bit less fast and somewhat slower than that all the way through, but it just keeps on going til it's done. The recording is rough but intentional and the recording is mastered loudly. The drums are buried just enough to where you can hear them perfectly without cringing at any amount of overproduction. I really love that!!! If I had to compare this to another band I'd say there is a good amount of Charles Bronson style riffing on this and at times the vocalist even reminds me of McCoy during the Ice Nine split era. A lot of rapid Infest-y start/stop moments too. But honestly, you should just check this out because although the powerviolence influences are fairly obvious, this band knows how to do their own thing. It is clear to me that these boys have a vision of their own instead of getting together and covering songs followed by "Shit, how can we make that not sound like a cover?" Kudos, ABUSE, for unleashing a quite worthy debut. Stoked to see what's coming next from y'all North Caroliners.

1. Bible Belt
2. Walls
3. Preprogrammed
4. Abandoned Conscience
5. Mental Breakdown
6. Dissension
7. Plague Bearer
8. Misanthrope
9. Systematic Flaws
10. Restless