Sunday, May 19, 2013

Escapist-Collective Void

1.All Roads
2.State Of Distress
3.Disgust For Reality
4.Disgust For You
5.Sinking Ship
6.Quarter Life Crisis
7.Forclosed Homes
8.World Weary
9.Bad Times

As well as writing reviews and contributing to the blog in general, I also sing for a band from Tampa, Florida called Escapist. Collective Void is a collection of everything we have recorded/released thus far, remixed/mastered and soon to be released on tape via GBR. We fall somewhere between powerviolence, stoner jams and straight up weird. If you listen and enjoy it, we'll be releasing new material later this year and making tour related plans for 2014 so keep an eye out for that, and thanks for your time..