Friday, May 10, 2013

At The Desk Of Glory Kid, Ltd World Headquarters: Astronomer "Demo" CD

From time to time I get demo submissions from artists that seek to with the label I operate. More likely than not the submission is something that I straight up do not like or I don't feel it would be a good fit for the label at the current time. And sometimes (in this case) its something that I do like, but simply don't have the room/budget in the current release schedule. It is very rare I will sign a group straight from a demo submission, with the exception of Convul and Old Wounds. However,  I do feel the effort spent to assemble and ship out a press kit to me should render some merit.

Astronomer is a very heavy, very epic sounding band from Boston, MA. They have sent me a press kit of their current work in a compact disc format (see stupid CD "selfie" above). At first listen, you can already tell these gentlemen are not novices to their craft nor their knowledge of how the recording process works. Engineered by Sonny Diperri at Labyrinth Audio and mastered by the legendary Carl Saff (Young Widows, Kid Crash, Pygmy Lush, Coliseum). This record sounds "big". Besides the choice tone the string section that is given off. The drums are at my ideal dial for this type of music. Warm, big sounding without sounding too "open", its cuts through everything just nicely.

Listening to this record it reminds me of a earlier time of when this type of heavy hybrid was still trying to find a name for its self with acts like Will Haven, Burnt By The Sun and even earlier Neurosis. They are definitely carrying their own brand of it, and being reminded of those times is not necessarily a bad thing. It goes to show sometimes in metal, to execute a powerful, effective sound the "less is more" approach is the way to go.

I definitely like the direction they've chosen and I am curious to see where they go from here. Check out their band camp. They have couple tracks posted from the material they've sent me along with other works.

Astronomer via Facebook
Astronomer via Bandcamp