Friday, May 31, 2013

FULL ALBUM STREAM: Raw Justice- We Don't Need Your Friends

Another day, another Life To Live Records release for full stream. Very excited to bring you a full stream of Raw Justice's new EP entitled "We Don't Need Your Friends". Preorder Now: Life To Live Records // Straight & Alert // Ugly & Proud

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Release Spotlight: Sleep Patterns "Choke" (Preorder + Stream)

Sleep Patterns, one of Florida's most intense, up-and-coming acts, will be releasing their EP, "Choke," with 13th Floor Records. After their self-titled 7", they've brought the ruckus onto vinyl with "Choke," a non-stop, tour de force of melodic, chaotic, and crushing hardcore. Pre-orders are now up, along with the announcement, on 13th Floor's Store. Also on the facebook page, 13th Floor will be streaming the entire EP for free. Get on that shit.

The release will be on 3 different colors (black /100 yellow/black splatter /150 and transparent red /250) and will be out in June/July. Get stoked, and get your pretty little ears ready.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Death Injection- Demo

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Veins
2. Nightlife
3. Worthless
4. Carry The Torch
5. Give In
6. Rope

Friday, May 24, 2013

Monolithian One/Zero Available to Stream & Pre-order.

Cornwall, UK's Monolithian are a bass and drum duo who peddle a sludged out Black Metal-Doom onslaught reminiscent of such titans as Electric Wizard, Bongzilla and Darkthrone. If that sounds like your kind of jam, get on over to Moshtache Records and grab yourself a copy of their new 12" One/Zero. Get on these riffs, dudes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

At The Desk Of Glory Kid, Ltd World Headquarters: Barbarian (TX) Demos

So as I stated before in the last segment, as a functioning record label you tend to get press kits from bands/artists seeking support to release their upcoming material. Unfortunately more times than not you receive demos that sub par at the very least, and at times, deemed unlistenable. But for the ones that are awesome or do show promise, I feel if they have put forth the effort into assembling a physical press kit, then I owe them some sort of reply or response in exchange.

Here we got a band called Barbarian, They are four piece hardcore band from El Paso, TX that play pretty hardened style metal-hardcore, which has always been a common mainstay within the Texas hardcore scene. Both demos display a lot of the same elements that you would expect given the region and the EP's aesthetics, heavy riffing laden with metallic tinges that roll into bouncing breaks that make me imagine how ignorant the dance floor gets when those drop. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in the Inland Empire scene in the early 00's and have a soft spot for music that induces violent crowd reactions. I would expect none less here.

Though both demos definitely show growing pains as all demos do, there is something here behind the shortcomings. The recording quality on both EP's are pretty rough, muffled and unbalanced. Some aspects of the recordings tend to dominate over others causing some of the songs to lose their effect or connection with the listener. Drum recording is one thing I tend to pay close attention to. On the first demo EP entitled World Gone Wrong, the drum recording could be improved significantly. The snare retains a intolerable "can" sound along with the bass kick level being too high, leaving the rest of the toms and cymbals to fall into the background somewhere. Though the guitars levels could be brought up some. The distortion and crunchiness that they give off works well with the low end the bass provides. Lyrically and vocally the music is well supported. Recording quality on the more recent demo Ashes To Ashes does improve but not by much. The drums although better, is still a ways away from being decent.

The lyrics are nothing ground breaking but show a level of sincerity I tend to gravitate to when digesting music. Vocally I was pretty impressed in the sense that it's not your typical "tough guy" guttural barking delivery but more of a raspy "I sound like my age and a human" style, which was refreshing.

I would have to honestly say this isn't a band I would be interested in working with, but they do show promise. Given time and dedication to grow and perfect their sound I would think they could do more with it and become a band that really grab people's attention. As for now I would say they are one of those bands that are "okay" on record but probably pretty entertaining live. Check out the links below and make your own formal opinion. They have both demos available for stream on their respective bandcamp page.

Barbarian via Bandcamp
Barbarian via Facebook

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crosscheck- Over Analyzed

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Held Back
2. Live Through Lies
3. Overlooked
4. Confined
5. Over Analyzed

The Flex- Scum On The Run

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Shiftless
2. The Flex
3. Braindead
4. Like You
5. Scum On The Run
6. Repressed

One of the best new bands out of the UK.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Tawny Peaks - S/T

Tawny Peaks is your new favorite band -- that is, if you like anything related to 90s Emo. For me, then, it's an obvious win. With the resurgence of twinkly emo, it's pretty commonplace to hear signed bands that sound like bands that ripped off bands that ripped off American Football. Thankfully, though, Tawny Peaks, hailing from Montclair, NJ, has decided to give that wave the finger, and to plow straight ahead, starting off their musical career at the intersection where "American Football" and "Nothing Feels Good" ended. Yeah, it's fucking incredible.

"With Steps," the album's opener is a short, sweet triumph of Cap'n Jazz worship, played by people who've wept openly at Owen shows. That's the best way to describe it, and I'm sticking to it. The vocals carry the same weight of the Kinsella brothers, but have the amateur stylings of The Promise Ring -- the highest compliment I could give. And the fucking lead guitar on this track... Sweet Christ. This sounds like a late-90s Polyvinyl release, not one from 2012. The gorgeous, male and female duet harmonies on this track are just the icing on the cake. This song is wonderful in every sense and degree of the word.

"Collect Calling" and "More Proof" both delve headfirst into the fast-paced and manic depressive worlds that were first (and until now, only) explored by The Promise Ring. The vocals maintain their fullness, yet sound at any moment like they'll snap in half if the harmony was even a half-step up; fragility, however, is the key to playing emotional music, and they do it perfectly. Again, the guitars are just mind-blowing; intertwining and battling for attention as they plod along and occasionally explode into sweeping barrages of sonic bliss.

"March Sadness" is one of my personal favorites on the album. If you listen to 5 seconds of it, you'll know why it is, and why it's your favorite, too. The sheer beauty of the guitars on this track paint a portrait of absolute godliness; nevermind the gorgeous female-led verses and heart-breakingly poetic lyrics. There's many things I could say about this song, but I'll just tell you to listen to it instead.

"The Tree Song" absolutely reeks of American Football... and, goddammit, I love it. Everything is perfect. Time changes, unconventional drums, and twinkling guitars are enough to put the listener in a sickly sweet coma, like taking a bath in "Pixie Stix."

"Molehill," although somewhat discordant and experimental, follows along the same, stunning lines -- clocking in at just under 2:30, and packing in every measure of the song with close-knit leads, manic bass, and hoarse vocals. However, it leads in perfectly to its polar opposite: "Ambiguity." Originally written by guitarist Jonah Fried, the addition of female vocals and a full band has made the heartfelt, genuine song an absolute masterpiece. This song is my absolute favorite. Taking cues more from Pedro The Lion than the Kinsellas, it never fails to impress at any moment.

Ending the album is "Bring Back The Mountain." Adding in mathy elements similar to Roadside Monument, this 8-minute epic is almost completely masturbatory in structure, flow, and message. Even though it is an incredible song, I think I love it more than most people, simply for the fact that Tawny Peaks, at some point, had to have said, "You know what? Fuck four minute songs. We're going double." Absolutely incredible, though, and a fitting closer.

Plain and simple, Tawny Peaks is the best thing to happen to Emo music since the Kinsellas. I mean it, I swear to whichever deity you prefer; I know it's a "lofty" statement, but there's simply no close second. Download their album for free, pre-order it on vinyl, kiss them on the lips, whatever... just support this band.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Escapist-Collective Void

1.All Roads
2.State Of Distress
3.Disgust For Reality
4.Disgust For You
5.Sinking Ship
6.Quarter Life Crisis
7.Forclosed Homes
8.World Weary
9.Bad Times

As well as writing reviews and contributing to the blog in general, I also sing for a band from Tampa, Florida called Escapist. Collective Void is a collection of everything we have recorded/released thus far, remixed/mastered and soon to be released on tape via GBR. We fall somewhere between powerviolence, stoner jams and straight up weird. If you listen and enjoy it, we'll be releasing new material later this year and making tour related plans for 2014 so keep an eye out for that, and thanks for your time..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Casa de Diversion- Vol 4

Year: 2013 
Quality: VBR (V0) 

 After months and months of delays, we're extremely excited to bring you our new installment of the CdD compilation series. As per usual the compilation is 100% free.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tinnitus- Volume II

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1. Sold
2. Latent
3. Mislead
4. File
5. Trending
6. Infliction
7. Allayed
8. Dredge

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: GETS WORSE- Negative 7", Hygiene Records/Evil Purple Bastard Records, 2013


This album had me pumped since the first second that the guitar tone hit me. Before going into my review of Gets Worse's brand new 7" entitled "NEGATIVE", I want to say that if The Afternoon Gentlemen had an older brother in jail for murder, that older brother would be Gets Worse. Haven't heard The Afternoon Gentlemen? Well, fuck you then. You are a poser and therefore not my friend.

Now, the review. God damn is this band heavy. You know how the English just fucking know their shit when it comes to metal and grindcore? Well, this just rubs that in your face even more so. It's almost like they don't even need to try just runs through the blood in their veins not unlike the alcohol they consume starting at 9:30 AM every morning.

The opening track, "Negative PV...Too Much Talk" begins with an open note that, as previously mentioned, introduces the guitar tone. FUCKING MENACING!!! I seriously said to myself "the entire rest of this record could be a 6 1/2 minute Macy Gray song and I would still be pumped". Thankfully, what followed was not some fake alternative soulful R & B bullshit but rather a very angry, very furious powerviolence attack. The songs all feature multiple vocal stylings that pleasantly surprise you during each listen, which makes sense to me considering Rich from The Afternoon Gentlemen is drumming in this. Those vocals are accompanied by delightful riffage and solid drumming all throughout the record. I will say that this band is not quite as tight as some other English grindcore that I've heard in my years as an extreme rock and roller, but that adds to the old school feel that I get from "Negative" and therefore I consider it a positive aspect of the album. What would Carcass have been without Ken Owen's occasional imperfections, right? Now, I have alluded to grindcore numerous times during this writeup so far but I would like to point out that this is NOT a metal record in my opinion. It is very punk and very hardcore influenced which is what I fucking love about powerviolence. GETS WORSE are pissed and apathetic towards whatever you have to say, which is the attitude that sends shivers up and down my spine when I hear a newer band.

The only real criticism I have for this record is that the first song, which clocks in at 2:26, is a little too long which can be harmful when getting things started out, especially when the rest of the songs are under a minute long. Once the record really gets going, though, it's over before you know it and then I almost find myself wishing the songs were either longer or that there were more of them. It's a lot like the weather...during the winter all you want is for it to be hot and during the summer all you want is for it to be cold. So...thanks for calling me out, GETS WORSE, I truly feel like a whiney little wuss of an American now.

I am still a rather inexperienced record reviewer so I'm going to just end this by saying that this 7" is fucking excellent. It is very heavy, very fast, very pissed and very raging. THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE.

1. Negative PV...Too Much Talk
2. Excessive Bullshit
3. Scabs
4. Neighborhood Ninja
5. Pessimist
6. Positive PV?
7. Stubborn

Betterment-Looking Up LP


4.My Car
5.Too Many Silver Platters, Not Enough Golden Roads
7.Feel New
9.Seven Seasons Of Summer

Just in time for their impending east coast tour, Florida's Betterment have dropped their first full length. Heavily influenced by 90's emo/pop punk bands such as The Promise Ring and Texas Is The Reason, this release is a big step up from the multiple ep's and splits they have already dropped and the band has been kind enough to offer the digital version for free download. If you are into the above bands you are definitely going to want to give this a listen, and check out their tour dates below as well to see if they are coming to your town as well as the event page for further information on each of the shows.

Friday, May 10, 2013

At The Desk Of Glory Kid, Ltd World Headquarters: Astronomer "Demo" CD

From time to time I get demo submissions from artists that seek to with the label I operate. More likely than not the submission is something that I straight up do not like or I don't feel it would be a good fit for the label at the current time. And sometimes (in this case) its something that I do like, but simply don't have the room/budget in the current release schedule. It is very rare I will sign a group straight from a demo submission, with the exception of Convul and Old Wounds. However,  I do feel the effort spent to assemble and ship out a press kit to me should render some merit.

Astronomer is a very heavy, very epic sounding band from Boston, MA. They have sent me a press kit of their current work in a compact disc format (see stupid CD "selfie" above). At first listen, you can already tell these gentlemen are not novices to their craft nor their knowledge of how the recording process works. Engineered by Sonny Diperri at Labyrinth Audio and mastered by the legendary Carl Saff (Young Widows, Kid Crash, Pygmy Lush, Coliseum). This record sounds "big". Besides the choice tone the string section that is given off. The drums are at my ideal dial for this type of music. Warm, big sounding without sounding too "open", its cuts through everything just nicely.

Listening to this record it reminds me of a earlier time of when this type of heavy hybrid was still trying to find a name for its self with acts like Will Haven, Burnt By The Sun and even earlier Neurosis. They are definitely carrying their own brand of it, and being reminded of those times is not necessarily a bad thing. It goes to show sometimes in metal, to execute a powerful, effective sound the "less is more" approach is the way to go.

I definitely like the direction they've chosen and I am curious to see where they go from here. Check out their band camp. They have couple tracks posted from the material they've sent me along with other works.

Astronomer via Facebook
Astronomer via Bandcamp

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shovelhead-Suffer In Life


2.Animalistic Coward
3.Suffer In Life

This shit right here fucking rips. Featuring members of South Florida hardcore staples such as Axis, Losin It and Harbinger, Shovelhead play a crushing brand of metallic hardcore heavily influenced by genre greats such as Dismember and Entombed and similar to recent heavyweights such as Black Breath and Nails. These 3 tracks are an awesome first taste of what is hopefully much more to come. All hail the riff.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rat Path- Mean Streets

Year: 2013
Quality: 320kbps
1.Cold Soul
2. Fools Fortune
3. Trip Hard
4. Sewer Chief

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review:Power Trip-Manifest Decimation


As the middle of the year approaches, one of the most anticipated/talked about releases on the horizon is Manifest Decimation, the debut full length from Texas crossover powerhouse Power Trip. After having the immense pleasure of listening to a review copy constantly for the past week, it has become clear that this is not only a record that is going to live up to the somewhat immense hype building in hardcore communities across the country, it's going to surpass it and turn the heads of any hardcore and metal fan within earshot that isn't already in the know.

For those unaware, Power Trip are a band from Texas that perfectly meld the glory period of crossover thrash with punishing hardcore that have made quite a name for themselves in the past 3 years through a series of excellent releases as well as building notoriety from their intense and downright insane live shows. Manifest Decimation is the culmination of these years of hard work, and it definitely shows as these are by far the most intense batch of songs the band has written thus far. From the opening title track, the production is an immediate standout, with reverb soaked vocals and instruments that serve as a perfect pairing to the crossover madness the band perfectly executes. This opening track as well the 7 that follow are each their own beast entirely, massive pieces of music filled with ridiculously catchy riffs and ripping solos that will stay stuck in your head for days. While it's hard to pick a standout, two of my personal favorite tracks are "Crossbreaker", which opens in a downright menacing fashion with just bass and drums before bringing in one of the finest riffs the song has to offer, not to mention the rerecording of their awesome contribution to the America's Hardcore compilation "Hammer Of Doubt" that closes out the record in perfect fashion. It's hard for me to talk about one song without mentioning the standout elements of others however, as every song on this LP is an integral part of the overall listening experience.

Manifest Decimation is a massive beast of a record that takes no prisoners and will most definitely have you reaching for the repeat button upon it's end, assuming you can stop headbanging long enough to accomplish that. It's another standout hardcore/metal record in a year that has already been quite generous as far as standout releases go, and one that is more than worthy of the still building hype that it continues to accumulate. I have no doubt that this when this record drops June 11th, it will likely and deservedly become one of the most talked about extreme records this year, and with great reason.

Stream the first song/title track off "Manifest Decimation" Below:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: ABUSE- A New Low 7" Hygiene Records, 2013

In my opinion, this really is not your average powerviolence album. Let's just start off by focusing on the strengths of this great debut 7" from Raleigh, NC's ABUSE.

First off, I want to say that it's always nice to be introduced to a band through SHORT songs. All 10 tracks on this slab are very quick and over before you know it which really allows for the record to flow nicely from start to finish. That is definitely something I look for and I really love the way this track listing is put together.

The opening track, "Bible Belt", immediately welcomes you with a weird riff that almost reminds me of the intro to Corrosion of Conformity's "Eye For An Eye" know what riff I'm talking about, don't ya? If not...find out, dick. Anyways, this was a bit of a strange way to begin the album because there is not a single other part on the record that expands on that notion at all...whatever, I'll take it anyways!

From then on, you get attention-span-lacking powerviolence in its purest form...loud, fast, pissed. This record really does not stop and I like that. There are no long bass intros or dramatic instrumental parts...this record just keeps hurting all throughout, which leads me to believe that these guys have a lot of energy that they MUST expel from their bodies. Again...I'll take it!!!

Another strength about this record are the riffs accompanied by cool transitions, one of which can be found in "Preprogrammed". My favorite part on the whole record is at around 6 seconds into this jam when the band decides to randomly throw in an ill-timed drum lead-in to a push mosh part but you just gotta hear it doesn't sound right at first and then you realize just how right it is. I don't know about you but I get a beautiful pleasure from little things like this!

I'm not going to do a play by play with each song title but overall, this record is a combination of fast and a little bit less fast and somewhat slower than that all the way through, but it just keeps on going til it's done. The recording is rough but intentional and the recording is mastered loudly. The drums are buried just enough to where you can hear them perfectly without cringing at any amount of overproduction. I really love that!!! If I had to compare this to another band I'd say there is a good amount of Charles Bronson style riffing on this and at times the vocalist even reminds me of McCoy during the Ice Nine split era. A lot of rapid Infest-y start/stop moments too. But honestly, you should just check this out because although the powerviolence influences are fairly obvious, this band knows how to do their own thing. It is clear to me that these boys have a vision of their own instead of getting together and covering songs followed by "Shit, how can we make that not sound like a cover?" Kudos, ABUSE, for unleashing a quite worthy debut. Stoked to see what's coming next from y'all North Caroliners.

1. Bible Belt
2. Walls
3. Preprogrammed
4. Abandoned Conscience
5. Mental Breakdown
6. Dissension
7. Plague Bearer
8. Misanthrope
9. Systematic Flaws
10. Restless

Ether-Human Error LP

2.Beloved Palehorse
3.La Bella Vida
4.Under Ice And Sky
5.Dirt And Dust
6.Burden Of Mankind
8.Before Common Error

Well, goddamn. Ether are a Doom Metal/Sludge outfit from Fort Lauderdale, Florida featuring members of Remembering Never and Ironside among other bands. Human Error is their debut full length which they have graciously decided to give away for free via their bandcamp. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Crowbar, Eyehategod and Neurosis, this band rips and it's great to hear a doom/sludge band this filthy and heavy coming out of my own backyard. Fans of the aforementioned bands and genres would be foolish not to check this gem out immediately.

Corrupt Moral Altar - Whiskey Sierra 7" Pre-order

Sludge, Grind and all things horrid collide in the form of Liverpool, UK's Corrupt Moral Altar on their new 7" release Whiskey Sierra. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl with poster and coming out through the fabulous Dead Chemists Records, this rad piece is now available for pre-order. Check it out if you like really horrible sludgey jank but are also fond of some serious blastbeat finger wagging.

Black Mold #.4 "I Am Weighing Me Down"

(click here for high res)

Black Mold Tumblr
Black Mold Facebook