Monday, April 22, 2013

Review:Full Of Hell-Rudiments Of Mutilation


Full Of Hell is a band that has managed to consistently impress me. Their debut LP, Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, was one of the first reviews I did for the blog and one of my favorite albums released that year. Every time I see the band live, I am consistently blown away by the constant improvement and the ever growing energy and size of the crowd each time. After Roots Of Earth dropped, the band toured relentlessly and put out 2 excellent splits with Code Orange Kids and Calm The Fire, honing their vicious concoction of hardcore, blackened grind and harsh noise to perfection. 2013 brings the release of their much anticipated second LP, Rudiments Of Mutilation, and how does it stack up? I'm happy to say that not only is this a gigantic step up from their already impressive back catalog, but frankly, this record blows all other heavy/hardcore releases that I have heard this year out of the water, no easy feat considering 2013 has already been quite impressive in that regard.

Opening track "Dichotomy" opens the album up with a cacophony of noise, drums and vocals before spilling into "Empty Vessel" and from that point on it's obvious that this is the strongest material the band has put out to date. A breakneck pace follows through the next 3 tracks until the one two punch of "Embrace" and "The Lord Is My Light" the two longest songs on the record. The former acts as a set up for the latter, building an intense and downright haunting atmosphere until flowing into the latter which tears everything down with crushing doom/sludge that would make bands like Dystopia, Noothgrush, and even Swans proud. In fact, it's quite an achievement that a record this abrasive can flow so organically from one song to the next, not to mention the absolutely stellar production job in which the band has never sounded better. It's a record that begs to be listened to as a whole and one that had me reaching for the repeat button for several multiple listens.

The real brilliance of Full Of Hell is their ability to take elements from several genres and put them together in an incredibly cohesive way: while many bands try and fail or succeed to arguable degrees of success in mixing several extreme genres together, Full Of Hell triumphs in melding the different elements of their sound together into something that is extremely fresh and always compelling. Rudiments Of Mutilation sees the band expanding upon that in all the best ways, growing as a band while still holding on to the elements that made them turn so many heads in the first place. With this record, Full Of Hell have melded a sound that is wholly their own and cemented themselves as one of the forerunners in the extreme music scene. I have no doubt that I'll be spinning this record constantly for the foreseeable future. For those who have been anticipating this record as much as I have, rest assured it is more than worth the wait, and for those of you who are unaware of this band's existence, there is no better time to pay attention then right now. A must listen for all extreme music fans, period.

Stream "Coven Of The Larynx" below: